Friday, December 7, 2012

Fun Facts Friday:: With a Fun Flashback Photo

There is no way that this week is already over.
I always judge how quickly my weeks go by by the amount of bread that is left in our refrigerator  (yes. we put our bread in our fridge.weird?) We are almost out of bread, which means Saturday is tomorrow. And I feel like we just bought bread yesterday. (We make a lot of peanut butter and honey (bear) sandwiches. (Ezra calls them 'honey bear'- because of the honey bear. (So cute)

Here are a couple fun facts.

- I only have 2 more progesterone injections to take! YAHOO! Which means to me that this baby could be here in 2 weeks. Crazy. (I wouldn't mind that, but hope to make it past 36 weeks for good measure)

- I would love a KFC feast delivered to my door. (with the chocolate chip cookies)

- My dad came over this week to help hang some lights that we haven't had time to get to in years. (Seriously.. years. no joke) Thanks Dad!

- My planned purchases list was probably the best idea I ever had in 2012.

- Marshall's gift is under the tree. Unwrapped. (There are no surprises in this house)

-I still don't know what we should get Ezra for Christmas. Please help. (Because this kid really needs nothing.)

-Ezra is back to his old self this week. Thank Heavens! Only mild freak outs when Marshall gets home.he expects Marshall's undivided attention without ANY distractions for the measly hour he gets with him. I get it. I feel the same way.

- I really wish I owned nightgown. A moo moo style nightgown. The kind my grandma owns with the zipper up the front and to the floor. COMFY!

- I would like to thank my friends that have offered to come over and play with Ezra the next couple weeks so I can take clients before the holidays and to make it to my weekly doctors appointments. I know this is such a busy time for everyone and I am so grateful for all the help I have been given. THANK YOU!

- I love Ezra's friends. I also love that they can communicate and negotiate in their own little language and also with such few words. Ezra is learning to share and to be more gentle with others. He hugs awfully tight and may or may not be gritting his teeth or plotting to body slam them. We are working on it.

- I do ALL my shopping online and I track all my packages like a hawk. I know my mailman watches me watch her from our big window. I don't care if they see me.

- Ezra doesn't like time outs and when I try to put him in time outs he hugs me and kisses me and tries to say sorry before I put him in his corner. He still gets a time out, but it kills me to do it. #tryingtostayconsistent,yo.

My calendar is filled (almost completely) until Christmas with hair appointments, doctors appointments, family fun and baby baking. I love being busy like this, I live for it! But, I have to say, I am looking forward to the New Year, with a new little addition and plenty of time with my boys.