Friday, December 14, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

I have spent most of my time in the hospital by myself. I am devoted to my 3 hour feeding/snuggle times with Eli, I spend about an hour with him in the special care nursery. Afterwards, I head back to my room, and pump milk which they then give to Eli through a little tube in his nose. I am patiently waiting for him to learn to nurse. I will not give up on him. I loved nursing Ezra and I plan on nursing again with Eli. We hope to get out of here soon, but we want to make sure that Eli is healthy and ready before we bring him home with us. The nurses and doctors have been amazing and I take advantage of all their care. I honestly feel like I am at a spa when I am here. 
Endless amounts of hospital food, which I LOVE. 
Comfy chairs, pillows for my back, my butt, my feet... time to myself..

I miss Ezra and I miss Marshall. It kills me that I can't be with them while I am here with Eli and I pray frequently that Eli gets strong enough to be with us at home.

Here are a couple fun facts from this week and a couple photos taken before we welcomed baby Eli.

- I LOVE when my friends spoil,love and play with Ezra. Whitney was over the day before I had Eli, and I didn't have much energy to play with Ezra and she wore him out! I love how happy he looks with her in these photos, but you should see him in real life with her. He is hilarious!

-Why is it always hilarious when you wrap a kid in a blanket? At least I think it is fun.

-Ezra  is obsessed with lining all this cars/trucks/buses and little people up and making a 'train' 

-I can never get enough of this boys face. And his little brother already looks so much like him. These boys will be easy on the eyes of the ladies.

-This is what Marshall looks like when he gets home from working all day and spending a couple hours at the pool with his team. I am so grateful for the work that he has and how much he does for his family.

- I hate it when people take Christ out of Christ-mas, and replace it with an X and make is Xmas. I hate that I even typed it out. I hate it that much. Put Christ back in Christmas.

-I don't know what is going on in the world outside of these hospital walls.

-I thought I heard a little bit of Christmas music and I died a little... 

-I could use some fresh air. And a shower. and some clean clothes...

- All I brought to the hospital for my feet were socks and leather ankle boots.
I have been wearing my leather boots with my pj pants... the nurses say they don't judge.. but I think the other mamas do. lol

-I haven't had many photo opportunities with baby Eli or with Ezra since being in the hospital. I cannot wait to document them together.

-I feel incredible today. I am recovering a million times better this time around. Call me crazy, but I think having a baby without drugs may be easier on my body in the long run? No phantom catheter, No pain in my back from an epidural, no IVs, no swelling,barely a tear.
I feel like a million dollars.  

- I am looking forward to being a mommy of two. I know my days at home will not be the same, and I am excited for the change it will bring into our home. I have a hunch it will take a while to adjust to another personality, but I am sure we will all get used to it.

-Already Ezra is the sweetest big brother. He is so concerned on the whereabouts of his brother. 
He says 'baby brother' and 'Eli' perfectly!

Please keep us in your thought and in your prayers.
Eli could use a little outside love. He is undergoing some tests today after finding abnormalities in his blood.

I will keep everyone posted.