Sunday, December 23, 2012

My living quarters:

I thought you might all like to see my living quarters. I actually feel a little spoiled being able to stay in the hospital free of charge, so I can stay close to Eli and also nurse him on demand. What a blessing! Thank you Maple Grove Hospital for being so accommodating to our family!

I have spent many hours sitting, sleeping, and resting on this bed. 
No, it is not comfortable, but it will do. I get cold in the night and there is no one to snuggle with. I get lonely in the night. This is the longest I have ever gone without sleeping next to my husband. Normally I hate when we accidentally touch butts in the night, but I wouldn't mind touching butts in the night if it meant I could be home in my own bed.

I have been living out of my (adorable) suitcase and bags of washed laundry. (Thanks Marshall)
I have approximately 4 outfits and 2 pairs of pajamas that I have been circulating. I am trying to get creative with outfits..but there is only so much I can do.

 My mom and I went to Target 2 or 3 days after having Eli. I was able to pick up some slippers so I wouldn't have to clomp around the hospital in my black leather ankle boots. I found this sweet little slippers for $1.50! I get a ton of compliments on them around here. They were nice and white when I bought them, but they have been worn throughout all hours of the day and night that they are almost starting to look dingy.

This is what I call my "charging/pumping station". This is where you will find me directly after nursing Eli. I charge my cell phone and my laptop here. I have been producing so much milk that the nurses have had to ask me about 4 times if someone could come and pick it up and take it home. My nurse this morning suggested that I be a breast milk donor. I tried not to blush. I am kind of proud and kind of embarrassed all at the same time.

I try not to watch too much television while I am cooped up in my room, but there are only so many times that I can log into facebook and pinterest in a day. I brought a magazine today and was able to read and feel uplifted. But since I have television, it is kind of a luxury. I am addicted to HGTV and feel confident that someday I will have the Kitchen Cousins in my house to renovate our space. I also have a love for the Long Island medium. I just can't stop watching it!

This is the view from my room. It isn't much but I am happy to see the snow accumulate on the roof top and the trucks driving on the highway in the distance. I also can see the American flag in the Home Depot parking lot flying at half mass for the children in Connecticut.

I was lucky enough to leave the hospital yesterday and go home for the afternoon. I was able to get our house in order before bringing Eli home. I want to show him where we live and him not be embarrassed. I was able to give the boys haircuts, wash laundry, hang out Christmas cards on our wall, wash dishes, make our bed, fold laundry, put toys away.... and get groceries and things for the week with Marshall and Ezra. I am so glad I was able to get out and smell the fresh air and enjoy our home for a little while before going back to the hospital. I needed a break for a bit. Although, I couldn't help but feel guilty for leaving Eli at the hospital to be bottle fed for one feeding.

We bought a little bag of cuties clementines. I love these! I am happy Ezra likes them, too. We share them when he comes to visit.

I update my own board. I change the date and give myself goals for the day.. the goals are almost always the same. In fact, the only thing on the board that has changed is the date. I have to remind myself that we are getting closer to bringing Eli home. I am just trying to be patient.

I am looking forward to leaving the hospital for a little bit tomorrow night to celebrate 
Christmas eve with my family. We have a fun tradition of having Chinese food at my parents house. I love this tradition. It is easy and no stress and we all enjoy it.

Merry Christmas eve-eve!