Monday, December 10, 2012

//My Monday: With Yesterday Photos

Forgive me for not taking photos today. It is not that I didn't take any today, it is just that yesterdays photos were way more interesting than the ones shot today.

I wanted to sleep in this morning, but Ezra was up earlier than usual. I remembered that I had made extra pancakes yesterday so I could persuade Ezra to eat breakfast with me more willingly than usual. Lately, he insists on sitting in his crib and just asks and asks for his daddy.
I usually just let him sit and talk to himself for a while.
We had a quick breakfast, cleaned up after ourselves, and hopped in the tub.
After we were ready for the day, Ezra helped me with laundry and the trash. He is such a great help lately, but is suddenly insistent that he can do everything himself. I let him try and encourage him to do so and try to remain patient when he flips out because he can't do everything by himself. He is becoming a very strong willed and confident young man. 
I had three hair appointments today. They all made it through the treacherous road conditions. I was grateful that they made it safely.
I received a couple packages I have been expecting. My hospital bag arrived and she is a beaut. I already packed her up and she is ready to roll (see what I did there? ;)

I made even MORE hair appointments! I cannot believe how busy my schedule is before Christmas. *Note to all- I have lots of appointments open the week of Christmas and the week after if you want to still get in before the baby comes! 
Ezra and I braved the roads ourselves. I kind of like driving in the snow if I don't have anywhere I need to be promptly. I was able to drive slow and slide a little. 

I had to pick up more hair color for the busy weeks ahead and figured since I was out, I would stop at Target and you know... walk around.. and shop.
I was able to complete my Christmas shopping for my family! YAY! I am happy to have everyone checked off my list! Just waiting for a couple for packages to arrive so I can start wrapping. (Shoot. We need wrapping paper.. ughh)

Once we got home, I asked Ezra if he wanted (another) nap. He agreed. And I was glad, cause I  needed to lay down. I was able to relax for a little while and once I got him we played with the pillows from the couch and even called my parents to talk to Rocky, the family dog. Ezra loves to hear Rocky 'speak'  or bark into the phone. Ezra's face lights up and I think it is hilarious when he asks to talk to Rocky on the phone in his little language.
I plan on spending my evening with my neighbor in the salon, freshening up her beautiful color and listening to the boys running around the house wearing each other out before bed time.
I look forward to the rest of the week and getting to visit with my clients before the holidays.
I hope everyone stays safe and warm in this glorious snow.
I LOVE it!

Notes from yesterdays snowfall:
Ezra scream and wailed to be outside with Marshall. My hair was wet and I was in comfy clothes. And watching Marshall and all of our neighbors out in the snow did not make me want to join them. It looked cold and wet! BUT. Ezra thought it looked great. Needless to say, I caved. I threw Ezra in his winter clothes (but forgot his snowpants..oops) He loved every moment of it. He wanted to shovel, snow blow, and scrape of the cars. I hope his determination to lend a helping hand never ceases.

Marshall was able to use his snowblower! We purchased this bad boy last year, and since we barely had any snow, we were never able to put it to use! I could tell Marshall was excited to get out and use it. He went out when we got home from church and spent almost 2 hours out there, like it was fun or something! :)

I was able to bake pancakes, 3 dozen cookies, fresh bread and chicken wild rice soup  AND make it to our church meeting. How awesome do you think I felt by the end of the night? I felt really accomplished., I must say.

I hope you and your family was able to enjoy the beautiful snow yesterday!