Monday, December 3, 2012

//My Monday

This week is going to go by quickly. I can already tell!

My Monday was great! My main goal today was to keep Ezra happy. I think I succeeded for the most part.
I have noticed that Marshall's new working schedule is throwing Ezra off and he longs for

I was able to wake up and shower before getting Ezra out of bed. I looked out the front window and noticed that there was a bag of trash flopping outside of our trashcan that was sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up. The flopping bag of trash had spilled, what I like to call, 'cartoon trash' all over our front yard. I am talking, egg shells, a diaper,a banana peel,a half eaten chicken nugget, a melted toy (that Ezra stuck in the broiler and we didn't know) wet paper towels, cigarette pack (we don't smoke, not sure how that got there)-- I, of course went outside with my wet hair and big belly and picked it all up with our trash picker upper. I would have ever been able to bend over to get it with my own hands. I was grateful for the trash grabber. Cars slowed down and stared. I swear they felt bad for me. I felt bad for me. I told Marshall to never let that happen again.

Happy Monday to me.

Ezra and I shared some cereal and cinnamon toast.

I gave him a warm bubble bath and dressed him in his 'little man' Monday outfit (if you notice.. he is wearing this in many Monday posts) we played for a little while.

I had a haircut appointment and didn't have a sitter, Ezra is glad when this happens, I am able to set him with a little flick and he is more than happy to relax while I take my client.

Afterwards, he had a snack and helped me vacuum and clean up the house a little bit. We played with his little action figures and he insisted on looking at his little baby photo album.

Whenever there was a photo of Marshall, he would cry a weak cry, 'daddy...' and touch Marshall's  face. This KILLED me. He misses Marshall. So.Bad.

I made him lunch and put him down for his nap. I watched him in the baby monitor and his eyes shut immediately. I napped, too.

I woke up sore and had to remind my body how to move. Ezra woke up happy and this was such a relief.

He had some crackers and I asked him if he would like to get out of the house for a little while.
 It was much too beautiful to be inside all day. He agreed. I packed him up and we ran a couple errands.
He lost it at the last stop of course.

He flopped his body on the ground and as I struggled to keep calm, and pick him back up my glasses fell out of my purse and onto the ground and a man had to chase us down to hand them back to me. (Thank you, nice man) I needed to get out of there.

Once we made it home, I started prepping for dinner. Our friends Graham and Sarah were coming for haircuts and dinner. I love when they come over! They are so amazing with Ezra and we always have WAY too much fun with them. I never want them to leave.

Marshall made it home right on time and Ezra was wildly happy. We had dinner and spent some time catching up.
Ezra didn't want them to go, and he didn't want to say good night. It was funny and very sweet.

After Marshall put him down and our friends left, I was pooped.

I needed to sit down and reflect on my day and I am always happy to write these posts so I can clear my head and think about how I was as a mother, as a wife, as a friend.. etc. I have a lot of work to do.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I always look forward to hearing the baby's heart beat and see how my health is.

I am really looking forward to the rest of this month. I love December. I wish it didn't go so quickly so we could enjoy it longer.

Have a wonderful week!