Monday, December 31, 2012

//My Monday

  Marshall had swim practice early this morning and Eli had his very first doctors appointment. This meant that I would have to get Ezra, Eli and myself all fed, cleaned and out the door by myself. I actually kind of marveled at the task. I like being challenged as a mother.
This was hard though. I had to listen to one child cry as I was helping the other, I ate a hard piece of toast while nursing Eli, Bathed and clothed Ezra while doing the same to myself, put makeup on as I entertained Ezra, and even answered our front door with my toothbrush and my towel turban. wrapped on top of my head.
It was the Bachman's floral delivery man. What a wonderful surprise! Marshall's work sent a bouquet for Eli. I thought that was so sweet, and what isn't pictured, is the sweet little red wagon that these flowers are actually sitting in, it is adorable.

We all made it to the doctors office on our own. Thankfully, Marshall was able to meet us there after swim practice. He was able to help me out with Ezra's wild little self. Eli checked out beautifully. He even gained 4 ounces since Friday! He is beefing up quickly! He is up a lot during the night, I have the sore, sleepy eyes to prove it.

We are trying to be as patient as we can be with Ezra. He is still transitioning to his mamma being home (after being in the hospital for 2 weeks and barely having rules or being disciplined (except for when Marshall was around to do it.) And He is also having to share us with his new little bro. This is not easy for him. He has been as gentle as he can be, considering he likes to tackle hug and dig his little fingers into everything. I am proud of him for that. He is always concerned on all of our whereabouts if we leave his line of sight, he will call out "---, where are you?"

Once we were home, we had a quick little lunch before Ezra's nap. I had set up two hair cuts during Ezra's nap time, which left Marshall with Eli. Marshall didn't mind, in fact, he held and stared at Eli the entire some. Marshall told me later today that he held Eli for probably 5 hours straight. (With a nursing session break in between)

My little sister, Kelly, came over and played with Ezra. Her timing could not have been more perfect, I was able to make our 'Christmas eve ham' and potatoes.
Tonight, was our make up day for Christmas. We prepared Ezra all day, reminding him that Santa was coming to our house tonight. He loved the reminders. 

After putting Ezra down for bed, Marshall and I Santa sat up and wrapped gifts and filled Ezra's stocking with goodies and gifts.

We loved being able to do this together- we ate treats and sipped on egg nog- and later had a toast to the New Year with some sparkling Apple Cider.

"Here is to another Amazing year"

I cannot even reflect on this last year without getting emotional. This year was filled with too many blessings to even count and I look back on it with awe. I am beyond grateful for the blessed events that we have been through and the guidance that we are given as parents as we raise and bring children into the world. Miracles happened in our home in 2012, and I don't doubt that miracles will continue to happen in 2013 and years to come. 

Happy New Year everyone!