Monday, December 24, 2012

My{Manic} Monday::

Seriously. This Monday could not have been more crazy.
This is why.
I woke up 45 minutes before Eli was supposed to nurse next, I figured I would take a shower and get ready for the day so the day nurses wouldn't gossip about my wild morning hair and my 12 day old jammies. 

As I searched through my clothes selection, I found the most festive shirt in the pile. When I pulled it out, it was totally wrinkly. I still wanted to wear it, so I used my flat iron to smooth out the wrinkles. Genius? I think so..
Since I was leaving the hospital grounds, I thought I would try to look nice and curled my hair.
I seriously felt like a million dollars.
It's the little things...
After nursing Eli, I called my in-laws to check in on Ezra. Marshall had dropped him off at their house so he could go to swimming practice. My father in law informed me that Ezra didn't eat anything all morning and when he tried, he cried and pulled his ear, saying "owie! owie"
------great..... an ear infection... I thought.
I had to think this through. 
If Ezra in fact has an ear infection, we need to get him on antibiotics FAST! We need to nip this in the bud before Eli comes home. 
Marshall was coming to visit me without Ezra- this was planned before knowing Ezra wasn't well. We thought Marshall could spend some time holding his boy since he hasn't had much of a chance to.
After a visit from our Bishop and his family, I practically threw Marshall out the doors of the hospital to pick up Ezra and take him to the nearest minute clinic before they closed.
 It was noon. Minute Clinics were closing at 2:30.
After picking Ezra up and racing to the nearest clinic and being told they were full and no longer taking any more, he made them call to put him on the list for the next closest clinic, which is only 5 minutes from our home.
Ezra fell asleep and Marshall held him for his entire nap as we waited to be seen.
I had nursed Eli one more time before meeting Marshall and Ezra at the clinic. I knew Marshall needed me with him. 
We ended up waiting 2 hours to be seen.
Ezra does have an ear infection.
Marshall waited to pick up his prescription while I took Ezra home. 
I carried him in my arms and walked up to the door of our home to find a letter from the police informing us about burglaries happening in our neighborhood. 
Just what I needed to hear and needed to worry about on top of everything else. 

We were all starving and we had maybe 45 minutes to try to feed Ezra something before heading to my parent to celebrate Christmas eve.
I made grilled cheese for all of us and tried to straighten up our little house before we left.

We finally made it to my parents and we hoped that Ezra would be okay, considering he was not feeling well, wasn't eating well and didn't have an appropriate nap.
He surprised us all, he was great! And SO happy.

We had our traditional Chinese dinner and opened gifts.
Ezra was loving opening all his gifts and loved playing with Rocky, the family dog.
I needed to leave my parents in time to make it back by Eli's 8pm feeding session.

I feel so guilty about him receiving a bottle at 4pm and insisted on making it back for his next feeding.
We packed everything up and went our separate ways.
Marshall and Ezra drove separate so I could get to the hospital in time and still have a vehicle here,

When I was walking into my hospital room, it hit me.
I forgot my phone charger at my parents.

I had to think fast. It was 8pm on the nose and I needed to nurse Eli.
But Target closes at 9.

I threw my coat back on and raced to Target, which practically lives in the parking lot of the hospital.
I picked up a new charger and just as I was checking out I received a call from my nurse informing me that Eli was awake to eat.

"I'll be there in 5 minutes!"
Once again.... racing..

I made it back safe and sound with a charger that works.
I was able to feed Eli and talk to Marshall before we said our good nights.
We talked about our plans for tomorrow and decided we would both take it easy. No rushing around. We all need a rest.

This was not our ideal Christmas eve. And that is okay. I am pretending it just another Monday.
We have decided that our Christmas eve will be celebrated on New Years eve. 
I want Ezra to have a stocking filled with goodies and see his face light up as he sees gifts under the tree.

I am sure you all had a much more wonderful day than us.
And I hope you did!
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!