Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eli// 3.5 weeks old

I never felt like I could truly get to know my own boy in the hospital. It really took for me to bring him home so I could officially call him my own, and not feel like we were borrowing him.
He feels so much more real to me now.
There are still moments where I look at him and tear up and wonder if I am capable to give him as much love as he truly needs, but I already know that I am.

Here are some things that we have learned about Eli since we have all been home.

-I don't think he is photogenic at ALL. It took my almost 200 photos to get this one decent shot of him. I will give him some time to solidify into that little body and face of his. I always think that babies are almost 'liquidy' looking the first months of their lives until they fill out.

-He is a hungry.hungry.little hippo. He eats very frequently and for long periods.. and then..he still acts hungry! Which leads us to give him another little bottle of breast milk mixed with a bit of formula. We have found that this fills his little belly well enough in the night to bless me with a little longer period of sleep.

-He makes goat like sounds-- almost like he is laughing and it is pretty funny.

- We weighed him last night, and he is already 6 lbs! This means that he has gained more than 9 ounces in 1 week!

-He has almost no bottom lip. I know there is one there, he just hides it from us.

-His hair is much darker than Ezra's was. I am thinking Eli may end up having dark hair and light eyes. How cool would that be? Since Ezra has light hair and dark eyes!

-Eli has his daddy's eyes. They are not as round as Ezra's were. More almond shape. I love when they are open and when he is looking around.

- He hates when my hair tickles him. (He gets confused about it and sometimes tries to eat it.)

-Elias loves to be snuggled. And doesn't seem to mind being hugged, kissed and squeezed by his big brother.

- He wears all of Ezra's hand me downs and fits them better than Ezra did. (He is bigger than Ezra was (I think, anyways.)

-Eli is so very loved by EVERYONE!

- Eli's foot it as long as my thumb. Imagine it. He is teeny tiny.

We all love him to pieces and cannot wait for him to continue to grow big and strong.
Especially Ezra. He wants to get his hands on him and get down on the floor and play with him. I cannot wait until that day comes!


Here is our attempt at our very first family photo (taken by ourselves- Marshall has nice long arms :)

I can't get over Ezra's face! I don't know why he keeps making this silly face-- it kills me!