Friday, January 11, 2013

//Fun Facts Friday

This week went so fast! And I feel like I was actually successful.  The boys are on a really good routine and we are all able to nap in the afternoon. That is definitely success in my book!
I have been able to take hair appointments in the day and night with help from friends and family and I have been so grateful to do so!

Here are a couple Fun Facts for the week:

-My mom came over on Wednesday and offered to give Eli a bath. For some reason it kind of freaks me out to bathe my babies when they are this little. They are so slippery and I am scared they will slip through my hands. My mom is a pro and Eli looked so handsome with his hair fresh and clean. Eli LOVED his bath, he looked so relaxed. (and a tad angry)
-Eli is still eating around the clock.
-Ezra is officially used to Eli being around. He only gets a little jealous sometimes.
-Ezra's hives looked completely gone today. I only noticed a little bit of them on his neck today. It was a week ago tonight that he went to urgent care for them. I will be so glad when they are gone and  out of his system.
-My dear friend, Whitney and her mama came over to hang out with my boys. Whitney's mama was so in love with Eli and I loved watching her with him. She was so sweet.
- I left the house once this week to attend a baby shower thrown for a friend and I. It was the most fun I have had in a long while. I am so happy I got out. And I took the trash out a handful of times.
-I tried to take more photos this week, but only was able to take them on my phone. I maybe picked up a real camera twice.
-The flu is freaking me out. We aren't going ANYWHERE. Stay healthy ya'll.
-With that, I hate asking people to wash their hands before holding my baby, but seriously- would you please wash your hands before holding my baby.- And also, I am being a freak about being around anyone with any type of germs. We have had way too many trips to the clinic/hospital- I am officially a freak. I am sorry (not sorry)
-I made a goal this week to keep my dishes clean, my refrigerator in order and to clean the bathroom. I was successful in all of these goals. I was able to keep on top of the laundry. I am bragging.
-I function surprisingly well on little to no sleep.
-Eli is nocturnal. Have I mentioned that before? He sleeps throughout the day-- and wants to hang out with us at night.
-I didn't make any new years resolutions, but I should have.
- I have finished Downton Abbey and now I don't know what to do with my nighttime nursing sessions.
-I scheduled an eye exam with a REAL doctor- meaning my family eye doctor that I never should have left. My contact problems should be solved so I don't have to wear my glasses 24/7.
- My goals next week include taking photos with a real camera, order my blog book,keep my house tidy, and to spend plenty of time with my boys and have a play date planned for Ezra. He needs it.
I am looking forward to a "relaxing" weekend. Is that even possible anymore?