Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

This week was fabulous. I am not kidding when I say that I am pretty sure I have this mommy thing down. I almost don't want to say it out loud- but really, I have the greatest little boys, they have been almost too easy for me.
Here are my fun facts for the week.
-It is not very often that we see this face from Eli. He is an incredibly calm little guy and barely fusses. But when he does, it is because he isn't being snuggled tight, he is starving (which seems like always (I don't get it) or he is trying to latch on. He is a terrible latcher.
-With that said, Eli needs some soothing while trying to latch on sometimes. I am talking about singing, rocking, standing up and even walking around to calm him enough to settle himself to eat. I remain pretty calm through his little fits, but I just feel bad for him.
-Eli loves to take a bottle. (I hate it, cause I love to nurse) But because we are still supplementing my breast milk a little to plump him up, he gets a bottle at the end of the night.
-Because of this supplemented bottle, he went 7 hours between a feeding one night. I jumped high out of bed and ran to him to check if he was breathing-- I had to wake him up to feed him! I think he would have gone an entire night without waking if my body would let him!
He did the same the next night, but I didn't let him go past 5 hours. I woke him again.
- I completed almost all my goals that I made for myself in the beginning of the week!
- I made two delicious meals for my family. Chicken wild rice soup, and Olive Garden chicken penne (thank you pinterest) I don't even want to know how many calories are in this dish and I don't think I really care. It was delicious!
-I never win anything and wish I would.
-I was able to write out my thank you cards, this happened as Ezra ate crayons and Eli cried to be held.
-We are still trying to figure out how to have both boys in our lap at once. This is no easy task. Although, Marshall looks like he has it down already!
-Eli turned One Month this week! And I also hit my due date 3 days ago. That was so weird, I couldn't even fathom being pregnant that much longer!
-I was able to pick up my camera a lot more this week! So happy to have photos of my boys!
-If anyone is around when I happen to be holding Eli and Ezra is sitting still long enough, you will usually hear me yell "Come! Take a picture!" I want to be in more photos with my children- I told Marshall that I need to be on the other side of the camera sometimes. I want my boys to know that I was with them through everything. I want them to see that.
-Ezra has been sleeping a full 12 hours at night and taking a one hour nap in the day- Sometimes if we are lucky- he will sleep longer- but only if we are really, really lucky.
-I have found a solid routine with Ezra and Eli and I am so pleased with myself. I am sure a ratchet will be thrown into the mix eventually, but until that time comes, I am beyond grateful and taking advantage of it.
- We have a play date planned at our friends house this after noon and I am so excited to pack the boys up and leave the house! Heaven knows we all need it! But next week we are staying in. There is no way we are going out in the cold!
Stay warm this weekend! I am sure we will be snuggled warm in our little home.