Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

This week we spent most of our time indoors. We weren't about to conquer the frigid weather that was happening outside the walls of our home. We keep our house nice and toasty warm. It feels tropical in here and because of that, we are not looking forward to our next months heating bill.

Remember that time when I wasn't taking any photos? Well, that, my friends, is no longer a problem in this house. It is quite the opposite. I am taking so many photos that if I set Ezra up to play or something he immediately says, "No,mamma, cheese! Go" He tells me to get my camera. I am the paparazzi around here.

I am excited to share some  Fun Facts! 

- Ezra wears his boots everywhere. All.The.Time.

- When Ezra isn't wearing his boots, he is wearing one of our shoes.

 -We take personal hygeine pretty seriously in this house. There is a day that I devote to trimming nails and cleaning ears. Ezra knows this day and doesn't fight it. We call the wax from our ears, "potatoes" (My mom called them potatoes, therefore, I will also call them potatoes. Ezra also calls them potatoes.)
 - Ezra has noticed that he has grown tall enough to stand on a stool at the bathroom counter and brush his teeth at the sink with us. I love his independence! I encourage it. He can also reach the faucet knobs. This freaks me out, because in our tropical house, we have insanely hot water. I don't want him to burn his little hands.

-I will NEVER boil an egg ever again. I baked my eggs this week to hard boil them and they were perfect! And easy to peel! They will now be called, 'hard baked' eggs. I am pumping up my protein intake for little e.
 -Remember those days when I also said that Eli was hardly photogenic? I lied. He is great for the camera, and man! can he work it! I have been loving catching him in all his right angles. (Seriously, babies do not have angles)

 - My mom calls Eli her little Ojiichan, which is grandpa in Japanese  Because Eli looks like a little old grandpa. 
- I love when babies go crossed eyed sometimes.I think it is hilarious. I love it more when I get it on camera.
 - We are proud to say that Eli has gained over a pound and a half in less than a week and a half! He is now an 8 pounder!He is obviously still little, but I feel like he is getting huge.
 - Call us crazy, but we have already talked about when we will plan on having another baby. NOT during swim season! It's just too hard on our family. The boys barely see their daddy and some days don't. I am too exhausted and we barely see each other. We are looking forward to the next couple weeks as the season dwindles down.
 - This is Marshall with one of our favorite friends, Graham. Who Ezra calls 'G'. These boys have been letting their beards go for the last couple months and are totally beard proud. I mean, look at these beards. They both need trophies. We measured Marshall's the other day and it pulled out at about an inch and half!
We are actually leaving the house the weekend! Yes! As a family! We have a couple family gatherings that we are going to try and make it to. I am looking forward to dressing nice and getting out with my boys.
 Happy Friday!