Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Monday (From Tuesday)

My mornings are my craziest time of day and Monday mornings are how we set the frame of mind for the week. We are all recovering from the weekend and none of us went to bed at an appropriate time.
Marshall was up and off for work. And Eli was up next. I nursed him and set him in his bouncy chair while I hoped to get a shower in before Ezra woke up wild.

I started to hear Ezra talking in his room but knew if I didn't get a shower just then that it wouldn't be easy getting one later. I let him talk to himself in his bed a little longer while I quickly showered. Eli likes the sound of the fan and the water running. His belly was full and he was happy to sit in the bathroom while I showered.

Ezra and I shared a bowl of yogurt, blueberries and granola. After a few diaper changes, I know now it probably wasn't the best idea to give him so much fiber.

Ezra is more and more used to Eli being around and knows (for the most part) to be gentle and soft with him. I feel like I can trust Ezra a little more each day to spend time with Eli on the floor. With us nearby, of course. I love watching these two on the play mat. Ezra looks gigantic next to Eli's fresh tiny frame. And it still feels like yesterday that Ezra laid on that exact mat, and was that exact size.

After Ezra got a little too rambunctious for my liking, I swiped up Eli and saved him. I snuggled him close while Ezra played with his trucks near by. I love snuggling Eli close, and now that I know how quickly they grow, I take advantage of the moments I get to.

After we were all ready for the day, I nursed Eli one more time before venturing out to run some needed errands. Whitney came over to help me out. I have decided that everyone needs a Whitney in their lives. Someone who you can always count on to be there when you need them, who has open arms and an open heart to love you and listen to all the things that run through your brain and someone who will hold your babies while you nap on the couch for who knows how long. (More on that later)

She helped me load the boys in the car and she stayed with them in the car so I could run into a couple stores to pick up some things. She is awesome.

My dad gave Ezra this hat for Christmas. I think it is hilarious and he decided this was the hat he wanted to wear out today. He loved it.

The mall has a carosuel and I thought that Ezra would like to ride it with Whitney or I. When asking him if he wanted to, he plainly and positively said, "nope" So that was that. We just watched it. Ezra was more interested in the big boat on display next to it.

We stopped into one of my favorite stores and picked up a new shirt for Ezra.

 He was so happy he didn't need to be in a stroller and even more glad to be able to carry his own purchase around the mall. He is a great shopping companion.

After all the running around and after we filled our bellies with lunch, we were exhausted. I put Ezra down for a nap and Whitney insisted that I lay down for a nap. I originally thought I wouldn't need one, but then quickly changed my mind. I passed out. I forgot she was even there. She took a photo of me sleeping and later told me about it. I am happy my mouth isn't open in this photo.

After my nap, Whitney headed home and my dad showed up for a haircut. I was able to do it before both of the boys woke up from their naps. Success.
After my dad left, I nursed Eli and tried to keep Ezra entertained until our friends came over for dinner.

I used to nanny for this adorable little family a couple years ago and they brought over dinner for us and stayed to eat and play. I LOVED this, especially because Ezra was able to play with their little ones before Marshall got home from work and we love being fed delicious and healthy little meals! 

By the time they left, we were beat. Eli cluster fed from 7-10 pm. I am not quite sure when this baby will grow out of it. But it makes it hard for me to get anything accomplished successfully between these hours in the evening.

Our week started off a little wild, but I loved it! 
I was so happy to have spent it with such good company! 
Thanks Whitney and Blake and Sheila for the awesome evening. 
We loved it!

Have a great week!