Monday, January 7, 2013

//My Monday

I can't believe I remembered it was Monday today.
I also can't believe I am so diligent on posting with everything else going on! (I am patting myself on the back)

This morning was great- Ezra woke up somewhat happy and Eli woke up hungry. I nursed Eli at the table after getting Ezra toast and milk. His usual requests- followed by a breakfast bar, his second request.  I was able to put Eli in his little sling chair so I could also have some breakfast.

We were running on a schedule this morning, and I knew I needed to be proactive. As Ezra finished up eating and Eli relaxed, I ran downstairs and got the laundry. I proceeded to fold it and while doing so, I tested Ezra's knowledge. I asked him what each article of clothing was, and who it belonged to. He amazed me with what he knew. He even acknowledged the colors they were. I was so impressed. He kept asking for more after I would fold the piece of clothing up. He loves stuff like this, and I love to be able to teach him something. After it was all folded, Ezra insisted in helping me put it all away. I love that he wants to help with little things like this. I took advantage of this and asked him to help me vacuum and do the dishes. I was able to successfully clean up my house a bit in less than an hour with the help of a toddler. He is so great to have around.

After we were all ready for the day, My friend, Krystle arrived. The boys had a photo shoot! These boys were great for the camera. I was a little worried, but I made sure Eli had a nice full belly and just hoped hard that Ezra would cooperate with us. Ezra, once again, surprised me. He was the perfect little model. He obeyed most of our requests and held baby Eli so gently and was very patient as we moved them around. He lasted almost an entire hour. I was so impressed. Krystle was incredibly calm and patient, yet incredibly interactive with Ezra to keep him interested. She has a real gift. I had taken Ezra's shirt off for the photos thinking this would look best since Eli can't really fit into anything. I thought they could both by shirtless (Studs). Ezra couldn't help but itch at his hives the entire time. By the end of it all, Ezra was red, swollen, blotchy, hungry and tired. I felt so bad for him. But he was in good spirits considering his circumstances.

After the mini photo session, I set Ezra up with some lunch and some Elmo. He needed to kick his feet up and relax. I also needed some lunch. Eli lounged and waited for his next feeding. My sister showed up in her pajamas and hung out with us for a little while. It was nice to see her, but Ezra was too exhausted to care. After putting Ezra down for his nap, my sister left and Eli and I were also able to rest before we conquered the rest of the afternoon by ourselves.
After we all woke up, I kind of panicked. I didn't have a plan for us. I should always have a plan. I tried to contact our friends to see if they could play, but we were too late. We made plans for tomorrow, instead. Ezra was calm and happy and so was Eli. I figured I would call my neighbor and ask if she wanted to come over and meet Eli and also have her hair done. I wanted to do it! This helped us pass the afternoon. Afterwards, Ezra, Eli and I played on the floor. We played with number flash cards, all of Ezra's stuffed animals and Legos.

The evening seemed to move quickly and I was happy it did. We were blessed to have another delicious dinner brought to us and Ezra and I gobbled it down, saving the rest for Marshall.

Once Marshall was home, I put on some lipstick and powdered my nose. I had a 7:30 haircut appointment. I look forward to these appointments so much. I love being able to walk into the salon and shut the door behind me. I love being able to have adult conversation, and to free my mind from the stress of being a mother, even if it is for just 45 minutes. I need it. I also love being able to feel inspired and to be creative when I am doing hair. I feel a lot more rounded out when I throw a hair appointment or two into my day.
I could hear Eli crying desperately for me and I could also hear Ezra nagging for Marshall's attention. I imagined me on the other side of the door- because that was me on the other side of the door I think it is good for Marshall to experience what it is like for me during the day. He only gets to feel what it is like for maybe an hour in the night-- I don't think he can handle being so needed. This is why there are mothers, we love being needed.

I am looking forward to seeing friends tomorrow, I know Ezra will just die when he sees his buddy walk thru the door. He has been asking for his friends for the last couple days.

I have a busy week ahead of me-- continuing my routine training with the boys and hair appointments scattered throughout.

Have a great week. (Is it me, or is January already moving right along?)