Monday, January 14, 2013

//My Monday

Today seemed like a whirlwind. I also feel like maybe this day will never completely end. But, I guess that I already feel like my days have no real beginnings or real ends anymore. That just comes with being a mother, I suppose.
I am hurrying to finish this post before my Monday 'officially' ends and Tuesday begins Or ends for everyone else in the world that is. It isn't as easy for me to write when my arms are constantly filled with a warm little body. I currently have Eli propped up on his boppy pillow nursing and I am almost completely hands free. You should totally get a look at this, although if you did catch me, I would be totally embarrassed.

Our Monday started off on the fly. When Eli woke up for his morning feeding, I knew we would be pushing it. Eli had a doctors appointment at 9:30 and He needed to eat, Ezra and I both needed breakfast and showers and at some point, I needed to tidy up the place before Ezra's little play date arrived. It was 7:45am. Eli usually takes almost an hour to eat.--- I thought I would never get a shower. I am ambitious and timely. I pulled Ezra out of his crib, made him breakfast and had breakfast for myself all with Eli nursing. Impressed? or disgusted? Whatever you decide, keep it to yourself, I am doing the best that I can.

We had toast, oranges and blueberries for breakfast. Easy, one handed foods.

We were all ready for the day just in the nick of time. I was even able to get the car warmed up without anyone stealing it and driving away. Ezra's friend Sammy and his mom came to play with him so I could take Eli to his 1 month check up. I was happy to take Eli on my own.
Eli weighed in at 6lbs 3 oz. He sure is bulking up! He has grown 2 inches in length and I couldn't even squeeze his little winter hat that we brought him home from the hospital in. His brain is getting huge!

When we finally made it home, I was actually pleased to see my house a mess with toys everywhere I turned and a huge smile on Ezra's face. He was so happy to have played with his friend while I was away.

Once they left, I was able to play with Ezra for a little while and then made a quick lunch and put Ezra down for his nap. I was still buzzing from all the happenings of the morning, that I wasn't able to rest yet. Which gave me a moment to return emails and messages from friends and clients. And even take some photos of Eli!

Afterwards baby Eli rested on my chest and we prepared for our afternoon nap on the napping chaise. We did take a good nap. I woke up to Ezra whimpering and sobbing when he woke up. This was not like him. He is usually talking and singing when he wakes up from his afternoon nap. I didn't rush to him immediately, I needed to wake up myself. Sometimes I wish I could cry when I wake up from my naps and have someone pick me up and rock me. I envied him.

I laid Eli in his crib in his room and promised him I would be back. I went into Ezra's room and pulled him out of his crib. He was heavy. I still can't get used to how big he is getting. I rocked him and asked him why he was crying. His response was simple....his book fell down and he wanted his turtle. I set him on the floor and told him to get the fallen book and to grab his turtle.

I messaged my sister and told her to come by and hang out. This worked out beautifully. I had a hair appointment this afternoon and Kelly was able to help me out with the boys and she stayed until Marshall got home. I love her.
Another dinner was dropped off tonight and it was delicious and so helpful. This is planned to be our last- we are on our own for now on. I made a meal plan for us thankfully, so we shouldn't starve.
Marshall got home around 7:30- just before my evening client arrived. She was a wedding consult. I love working with brides, it is so exciting and brides just beam with happiness. It makes my job easier than you would think.
Eli was starving by the time I finished up with her and when I walked out of the salon and into our home, Ezra was running loose and Marshall was comforting Eli. I snagged him from his arms and swaddled him in my own. Marshall and I then followed Ezra into his room, read him a nighttime story and both sang him songs (in unison, I might add) as Ezra tried to sing along.
Ezra told me he loved me before I closed his door and walked out.
My day had ended at that moment.
Even though I am up all hours of the night until it melts into the day ahead-- knowing that I am loved and that we had survived another day together makes me feel accomplished as a mother.
As for the rest of the week--
Here my goals:
-Finish my thank you cards-- There are almost too many to count.
-Get our baby announcements ordered.
-Keep our house tidy and on top of the laundry
-Drink a LOT of water
- Spend time with Marshall
- Create a budget plan for 2013
*My goal is to at least check two of these off the list by the end of this week.