Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

I have easier days than others, and this week was filled with the others. On Wednesday afternoon, I sliced off the top of my thumb with a mandolin slicer trying to cut the perfect apples to make a stupid fruit thing that I found off pinterest. When I was able to finally look down at the malicious little blade, I saw the chunk of my thumb stuck to the shiny piece of silver, staring back at me was some of my finger print, that I hope may someday renew itself. Thankfully,my mom was here to help me when it wouldn't stop bleeding. It made me woozy and when I was looking for out first aid kit, a hard glass lid fell and hit me on the top of my head. I had grit my teeth and swore a little under my breath. I wanted to clock out. But there is no clocking out when you are a mommy. I had to put a band aid on my meaty open wound, pretend it didn't hurt and continue on with my day and take care of my boys. 

 I have been giving myself one goal to achieve for the day, whether it is to sweep the floor or fold a load of laundry or organize one drawer in our kitchen. Something to show that I am able to do something besides feed my newborn baby and trying to keep a toddler happy.
 (Because this is the challenge that feels like will never end)
 Even though my children are clean and dressed, fed,napped and happy, I don't quite feel completely successful until I can check something off my imaginary list. This week I organized a drawer in the kitchen, and started to fold a load of laundry, I started laundry--didn't finish, but successfully made a couple delicious dinners. Those were pretty successful attempts in my book. Even without a thumb!

Here are a couple fun facts!

-Eli had his very first blow out diaper today! And he turned 7 weeks old this week. 
Where has the time gone?
-I google imaged Walt Disney's frozen head this week. I don't know why I google image things like this, but I do.
-I have a new plans of purchases list- First item on the list: Sit/Stand stroller. I need one! How else will I have a successful trip to the thrift store with these babes?
- Our fall wreath is still hanging outside of our house. I have every intention to bring it in--but haven't.
-We finally received our cards to send out to friends and family- my goal tonight is to address them.
-Eli wakes up 1-3 times a night. I swear you never get used to it.
-Ezra has been playing pretend lately. His favorite pretend game is pretending he is in the kitchen making meals. His high and sweet little voice asks me if I would like 'chicken n rice?' or "cancakes?' or 'nanabread?' I tell him I want it all and he goes to town in his imaginary kitchen, and doesn't forget to make sure I have a drink. 
I love playing pretend! Less mess!

- I really, really need a haircut. I am suddenly, weirdly attached to my hair. So unlike me. 

- It is hard to change diapers without a normal acting thumb. Try it.

- I want to be one of those moms who can nurse their baby in a baby sling. I WILL be one of those moms who nurses their baby in a sling. I am determined. I have you tubed how to do it.

-I am itching to move the furniture around in our living room, but know I will hate it if I do.

- I am so grateful for my warm home on these freezing days.

-I haven't been going to church since Eli was born, we are trying to stay away from germs and I am trying to get used to his crazy nursing schedule. I can really tell I need to go. With the insanity of my new life, swear words have entered my mind lately.

-I am having a remote starter installed in my car next week, Big Huge thanks to  Jeff at Mobile Install

We don't have any plans this weekend and I am happy to stay in and warm with my little family. Have a great weekend!