Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

Wow. This week was busy! Big changes are happening over here within our family. I will share more on that another time.

I envy Ezra's social life, I mean- seriously. This kid has scheduled play dates almost daily, friends making Valentines for him and lunch dates! I almost can't keep up with it.

Here are some fun facts from this week:

- Ezra, Eli and I did the unimaginable- we went out to lunch with friends! I usually avoid situations like this at all costs. But when my sweet friend Shannon spontaneously suggested it, I was up for the challenge. Surprising, it went great! I look forward to doing it again!

-After our morning date with Shannon and her kiddos, we had an afternoon date with Henry/Hank. We love Henry- He is a sweet and incredibly smart and agile friend of Ezra's. We love having him over to play- They run and jump and wrestle. I love boys. He also snuggled on Eli- He was a natural with him!

-With it being Valentines this week, I picked up these adorable little mailboxes and each day we made little valentines for each other and put them in their boxes. I loved doing this for my boys and Ezra would RUN to his box everyday to check if his flag was up. Marshall and I wrote mini love letters to each other. I also ran to my mailbox to see if the flag was up.

-Ezra's little twin girlfriends dropped off a sweet little treat for him on Valentines. He is spoiled rotten and knows it.

- Marshall and I Eli have been needing more time to snuggle and were able to get extra snuggle time in this week. My hearts gets all ooey and gooey when I see Marshall snuggling the babes. I love it.

-I am sure I have mentioned how much Eli loves his baths, but I am not kidding. He loves his baths. He tries to shut his eyes and sleep while I am bathing him. I love giving him baths. There is really nothing sweeter than a clean and fresh baby straight from the bath.

A couple more random fun facts:
- I am still trying to find a polite way to tell creepy men who stare at me while (fully covered, btw) I am nursing in public, to turn the FREAK around. Weirdos.
-Ever since having children, my vision is terrible in the dark. I don't even really think it is safe for me to drive. But I do. Cause I can. I keep moving the lamps around in our living room to brighten it  up, and even purchased a floor arc lamp online last night. I can't wait to get it. Hope it helps!
- I hate going to the post office. I hate it.
-I also will not go inside a bank to talk to a teller or banker. If I do, I want Marshall to be with me. I make all my deposits at a gas station ATM.
-I am on a mission to find the best cell phone data and family plan. Any suggestions?
-Ezra and Marshall are both sick. It was only a matter of time. Yuck.
-I hate all my clothes.
-I purchase things in the middle of night. Impulsively. In the morning I suffer from buyers remorse. I have things to return. I will be avoiding the post office while making my returns.
-Marshall and I have both agreed that we really like Ruby Tuesdays. We are never disappointed when we eat there! I love that worked there for 4 years and can still eat there. Did you know that I was a darn good waitress and bartender back in the day? (Can't believe that was 9 years ago!)
 -Eli has been sleeping the nights! He has been a little too easy for us.
-Marshall and I have a hot date night tomorrow! His parents are coming to help out with the boys- yahoo!

Have a great weekend!