Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

Happy Friday Everyone a very snowy Friday. 

We were all hit pretty hard with nasty colds this week. Some of us had fevers, and some of us did not. We all unfortunately have been cranky, irritable, tired, have had runny noses, lots of congestion, teary eyes, sneezy, some sore throats and coughs that would make you run.

It has been awesome. 

Marshall has been sick for two weeks now, and Ezra for One and Eli and I were hit 3 days ago. My goal is to have us all back in tip top shape by Monday. Crossing our fingers! There is only so much a nursing mother can do and take to relieve a cold, and there is barely anything you can do to comfort a sick newborn. Marshall sat in our bed wide awake at 4 am and listened carefully to Eli's breaths. We were worried parents praying eagerly that Eli would be able comfortable. He snorted and grunted through every breath and we were left helpless. His bed was inclined, his nose was salined and bulbed... we plan on purchasing a dehumidifier and hope that that will help.

Here are some fun facts:

-My beautiful arc lamp arrived this week and Ezra LOVED hanging on it. It came heavy packaged in styrofoam that needed to be completely destroyed to get into.I left the room and came back to a room covered in mini (staticy) styrofoam balls. They were EVERYWHERE. Stuck to EVERYTHING! I found them IN my bra and IN Ezra's diaper. (Don't ask)


-Eli's favorite sleeping position is chest to chest. And he prefers to look over our shoulders. He is the happiest this way. He smiles for his grandma more than anyone else and he has been making lots of fun sounds this week. More like yelling sounds. I think he is cursing all of us for getting him sick. We are very sorry for that.

-I am in LOVE with my crock pot. I also love pinterest for providing my family with cheap, quick crock pot dinners. I don't think we would ever have dinner otherwise.

-Marshall's swim season is officially over next week. It will be so nice to be able to have family dinners again. Also, his beard will be getting shaved off. This is the first time in almost 5 years that I am looking forward to it being shaved off. I normally don't mind his bushy beard.

-Eli grabs at his toys in his bouncy chair- For real grabs for them, not just coincidentally.

-I took 5 clients yesterday. That is a lot for a stay at home mama who is nursing. My mom was able to come over and help me with the boys. I don't know what I would do without her. It was great to be busy in the salon. I was beat by the end of the night. I was in bed by 9. 

-Ezra is only starting to act like himself after being sick all week. I missed this smile.

-And for some reason he has been acting like he has a bluetooth in his right ear. He puts his little hand to his ear and says "Hello,---- " (I would NEVER wear one of those, and we haven't been around anyone who has-- not sure where he picked this up)

-Ezra went out in the snow earlier today. I thought a little fresh air would be good for him, but since we have kept him contained inside our house for so long, I don't think his lungs could handle it. He was coughing a majority of the time.

I had plans with friends tonight to get dinner, but had to cancel.I am really bummed.
 I need to take it easy and get better and my boys need me home to take care of them (Moms never get a break- who takes care of the mammas?)

Have a great weekend. Stay inside and Drive safe on those slippery, snowy roads.

We are looking forward to maybe a better week next week.