Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

 My eyes burn from sleep deprivation. But I made them up pretty for a client I had right away this morning. This woke me up, along with my boys. My mom was able to come over after her long night shift at the hospital to watch them for me. Have I mentioned what a saint my mother is? She is a saint. I love her to the moon and back.

This week was a test of patience for me, I think. Ezra and I battled daily. I have been asking everyone under the sun for advice on dealing with the adjustment of having a new baby with a toddler. I think I may have found the trick, actually. Ever heard of the happiest toddler on the block? Youtube it, It seems silly, but I have been matching Ezra's energy level on every.little.thing and he looks at me with new eyes, like I am speaking him language, and it has been a successful day!

Here are a couple fun facts:

-I love the new contacts that I have been prescribed, but I swear I see dead people in my peripheral vision.

-I have been having an insane amount of hilarious dreams.

-Marshall has been talking absolute nonsense in his sleep and on more than one occasion I think he is talking to me. It confuses me.

-I colored my hair this week- while my house was torn apart and my kids were losing it. I needed a moment for myself, okay?

-I sacrificed my nap for this blog post. Do you realize how much time it takes for me to do these?

-Eli is smiling!!! Of course I am acting like a fool on the other side of the camera but I am happy to see his gummy smile!

-I know a lot about exotic birds. Isn't that weird? I grew up with a parrot named, Kobe, who will most likely outlive everyone in my family. We have begged my parents not to hand him down to us when they pass away. He is loud and annoying.

-Marshall told me this week that I should go to school to be a nurse. I have never in my life ever said anything about being or wanting to be a nurse. I just like blood and guts, that is all. 
-Eli and Ezra both LOVE to be sang to. I am happy this is one sure way to calm them both.

- I feel like I need a "mommy sitter" just to hang out with me during the day to make sure I don't do anything stupid. I am realizing that I am not a very careful person. I think I am clumsy. With everything I do. (But not at hair!;) I am never clumsy at hair ;)

-Ezra and I watched Marshall trim down his beard for the first time in months. Ezra had his tape measure out measuring his beard. 

-Here is Marshall before.
-Here is Marshall during and after. I guess it is not much different. I am actually looking forward to him shaving it off completely at the end of the swim season. His swimmers want him to shave something crazy. Like the guy from hunger games? What do you think?
-The Moby is a dream sometimes.. and a nightmare others. Eli likes to stretch his legs out nice and strong and if he does this, the Moby is a complete fail, if he relaxes, it is a total win. (As you can tell-- this time it was a fail- He wouldn't relax)


We want pizza for dinner. What are you plans this weekend? I hope we get as much snow as I heard we could get! I love being stranded inside with my boys.
Have a great weekend!