Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Monday: Tuesday

I knew that Monday would be somewhat of a rough day for everyone after the Sunday we had. Ezra was very very very sick. And when I say sick, I mean it. He could barely open his eyes, and was coughing the nastiest cough of all the coughs that my ears have ever heard. We tried our best at keeping Ezra away from Eli but I think we failed. Eli is now sounding raspy. I sound raspy, too. I sound like a fifty year old smoker and I blame Marshall for all of it. He came home with these nasty symptoms last week and I hoped it wouldn't be passed on to us. We stayed home from church and tried to survive it all. We hopped Ezra up on tylenol before bed to lower his fever and hope that he would wake up a little better than the day before. 

Ezra woke up nearly the same. Still not wanting to eat- still coughing the nasty cough and nose remained runny. UGH. At least it felt like his fever broke in the night. 

We planned on staying in and taking it easy for the day and for the remainder of the week at this point. Things just don't seem like they are getting better any sooner.

Thankfully, Whitney came over to hang out with me. I needed her today. It was so great to have someone to talk to and laugh with. Heaven knows I needed it!

I am so glad that Whitney was able to come over and spend time with us. She spent her entire day with us, she held Eli and watched over Ezra while I had an appointment. And we shared lots and lots of laughs over chinese food that we had delivered (I have never actually had it delivered to our house before!- I felt spoiled) And took a million pictures of Eli while Ezra caught up on his sleep.

I loved the fortune I got- How true is this! I feel so much closer to people when I can laugh with them. This makes Whitney and I very close, we are laughing all the time! 
Marshall on the other hand, barely laughs with me- he just doesn't get my humor. Does this mean we aren't close?

 Doesn't Eli look like his big brother? I cannot get over it!
 Ezra's cheeks are always extra rosy when he wakes up from his naps and I love that.

Eli is losing his hair and is looking like an old man. I feel so sad when babies start losing their hair, but I am excited to see how it grows back out.

We had to do a lot of persuading to get Ezra to eat. He successfully ate two valentines hearts, a couple crackers and some milk for lunch.  For dinner, I made him (our) his favorite, Macaroni and cheese. He was double fisting it into his little mouth. He had a fork in one hand and a spoon in the other, he also requested pretzels and a veggie pouch! I was happy he ate so we could give him some tylenol again!

When Marshall got home, I was able to pass Eli off to him and take a hair appointment. But by the end of the night, I was totally whipped. I could barely see straight. I forget how much I depend on my afternoon naps. 

We are all hoping that this week turns around for us. We need to catch a break around here.
Did I mention that with Ezra so sick, we had to cancel our date night? Did I mention that I booked our babysitters (his parents) 2 months ago? I was a little disappointed.

Have a good week!