Monday, February 4, 2013

My Monday::

I felt like I slept in. When in reality I didn't, nor have I in weeks. But I had lots of dreams last night, and when I dream, I always feel more rested.
Eli woke me up as usual. As I was nursing him, I listened to Ezra in the next room asking for his daddy. "up! up" "Daddy, up!" I wonder if he knows that this hurts my feelings. I mean, I am always the one who gets him in the morning, does he really forget or is he asking for his daddy cause he is hoping it will be him for once. I let him stir in there for a while before Eli and I joined his little party. Ezra immediately tells me to sit when he locks eyes on me. He made me listen to all his morning ramblings. I didn't mind. I had to do some coaxing to get him out of bed. (It is already starting) I promised him that he could have a bagel for breakfast instead of his regular toast.

I had buckled Eli into his little bouncy and grabbed Ezra. As I was walking down the hall with him, I stubbed my toe on the freaking baby gate. I later noticed that my toe nail was totally split in half. I have an ugly band aid holding it together. My house is booby trapped, I swear.

I was instantly crabby after stubbing my toe. Who is happy after that, really? And then, when I walked into the kitchen to see that Marshall left his cup on the counter--- just as he always does. I smiled a little and then cursed his name, shaking my head and tossed it in the sink. We just talked about idiosyncrasies last night. This is one of his many.

Ezra had a bath last night, which made it easy for me this morning. Why haven't we always done night time baths? I was able to take a quick shower and get ready. I was also able to clean my bathroom a bit while Ezra watched a new penguin show that he was laughing hysterically at out loud. He kills me.

Our friends showed up moments later. I felt good about my morning so far. I cut two little boys hair, and Ezra had lots of fun playing with them. After they left, we had lunch and took our naps.

When Ezra woke up from his nap, Eli and I went in and rocked in his chair while Ezra played pretend in his crib. He sat with his monkey and made him "chicken n rice" and I died when he patted his monkey on the head and told him, "nice haircut!" I had to call Marshall and tell him about it. I hate when I am by myself when moments like this happen. I need someone to laugh with!

When Ezra was finished playing in his crib he agreed to help me with Eli, and helped me with the laundry and also with cleaning the floors. Eli and I also spent some time getting used to his new Moby wrap. I can't quite decide how we feel about it, he's still so little, it is hard to say. But I do love being able to wear him close.

Ezra was begging for a snack, I carefully cut up some apples, drenched them in fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice (thank you pinterest) and we munched on those until dinner time. Marshall and I decided that we will no longer allow Ezra to fill up on crackers, animal crackers, pretzels or anything else before dinner. It spoils his appetite and he no longer is excited about dinner. I could tell Ezra was missing his crackers. I made him dinner early and he gobbled it right up.

We were so happy when Marshall came home. Ezra got a bubble bath after asking to ''swim in the water'' and we had a short little family home evening on blessings. We had to fight with him a little bit to get him to bed, but he was so ready. Eli nursed all evening, I swear it.

I am looking forward to this week. I don't have a terribly busy schedule- but just enough things on the schedule to feel busy. Have a great week!