Monday, February 11, 2013

::My Monday::

 Oh.. Mondays. How am I never ready for you when you arrive.. ?
I survived. We all survived, and as I have said before, this is my main goal for each day.
Eli woke me up and then I think I woke Ezra up. We went on from there. We all had our breakfast, Ezra wanted mine instead of his, so I shared. Eli snuggled himself into his regular little bouncy. I just feel so guilty putting him in there all the time. But someday he will thank me for protecting him. Ezra is not capable of being trusted with Eli on the floor quite yet, and I can't hold him all the time like I was able to with Ezra. It makes me sad that I can't snuggle him as much as I want to, because I do. I do want to.
 Ezra asked for a haircut immediately after getting dressed. When you ask for a haircut around here, you get a haircut. He was so excited to sit on the booster in the real chair in the salon. Usually he sits in his high chair and watches a show but he couldn't get enough of himself. He ate himself up. It isn't often that a client barks at me or yells for milk, but I was happy to oblige.
Ezra knows when he looks good. I mean, look at how he works the camera.
 Look at this. I mean, really.
 After his haircut, he was feeling a little more confident. He wanted to hold his brother. As usual, I grabbed the camera and got the two comfy. Ezra adores Eli and I can't get enough of the love. Eli on the other hand looks like he can take it or leave it. He is never impressed.
 Eli loves being held chest to chest and Ezra LOVED to hold him like how I hold Eli. He immediately patted him on the back to burp him like he sees us do, and then couldn't stop giggling because he though Eli was tickling him. I was dying.

After realizing how much of the morning had already gone by, I needed to get moving. I needed a shower.

Our internet goes in and out and it is the most annoying thing on the face of the earth. ESPECIALLY when Ezra is watching a show so I can take a measly shower. Can't I just get a shower?
My dear friend, Cj, came over to meet Eli, So I really needed that shower. I loved catching up with her. It made me realize how much I miss seeing her. We were all worn out from the morning and Cj's visit and we napped so well because of it.

When we all woke up, we waited for my mom to arrive. We needed to make a Target run, and I was on a mission to find something to store the copious amount of toys that are taking over our house. I can't handle it.
I found just the thing and had the nicest guy load it in our (amazing) van.

We raced home in time for dinner and a nursing session. I had a 7:30 hair appointment for a new client that I was really looking forward to meeting. My mom watched Ezra and Eli for me while Marshall was away for a meeting.
In between my client's color I was able to give Eli his night time bottle and my mom was able to give Ezra a bath, then we switched kids. I sang Ezra some songs, said prayers and tucked him in. My mom snuggled Eli.

I finished my client and walked her out, as Marshall was walking in.

He brought home our girl scout cookies. I ate half the sleeve of thin mints. I am not sorry.

I am so grateful for my mom coming to help me tonight when I desperately needed her, and I am also so happy I was able to pick up something for our toy problem. I am also glad that Marshall brought home our girl scout cookies, I really needed them in my possession on a day like today,
I am also really looking forward to our busy week ahead and our first date since having Eli. (on Saturday)

Happy Monday to you! And have a lovely Valentines day!

*We will be having our traditional salmon dinner. What are your plans?