Monday, February 25, 2013

My Monday

Today went by so fast I thought it was Wednesday!

I woke up before the boys and hopped in the shower. It is a such a luxury these days to have the shower to myself. No toddler splashing at my feet or a baby crying in a bouncy chair next to the tub. I even shaved my legs this morning.

Ezra had some toast and yogurt for breakfast. Made a mess as usual. His new favorite thing to do with his food, especially his yogurt, is to eat it with his hands. After over two years of being a mother, you would think I would be used to cleaning messes up like this. No. You never get used to it. The messes just get bigger and more disgusting.

After Ezra's bath, he embraced being shirtless. He had a surge of energy and couldn't get enough of the fresh air on his naked torso. He must have felt alive!

My mother in law was able to come over and watch the boys for me so I could run to the grocery store alone. Another luxury. I was pampered this morning. Really. It felt good. I am so grateful she was willing to do this for me. I know she loves having some alone time with the boys, so this was a win win for all of us!

I was home in time to nurse Eli and get Ezra a quick lunch before his nap.Ezra looked at his Toys R Us mailer that came (for him) while he ate. I love his life. I hope he loves his life as much as I love his life.

When nap time rolled quickly around Ezra was happy to go down. I grabbed Eli and swaddled him tight and tucked him in my arm and crawled into our napping chaise. I napped so good. We all napped so good. We needed it. We are all finally getting healthy around here. The only one with a goopy cough still is little e. But he can breath so much better through is little nostrils and I am not as worried as I was a few days ago. Marshall and I are still a tiny bit congested but feeling top notch considering how awful we all felt before. We are so happy to have gotten through it.

When we all woke up, Eli and I sat in Ezra's room in the rocker and played pretend. We ate tons and tons of pretend food and when we were all full from our pretend smoothies, chicken, banana bread,etc, we came out to watch a little movie. I agreed to take a men's haircut appointment and had warned him beforehand that I didn't have a sitter and would have to step out a few times to tend to the boys, but they were both great. And my client was desperate for a cut and handled my fussy baby graciously. I cannot take appointments without a sitter. I absolutely already know this, I don't know why I thought today would be different. Thankfully, this appointment only lasted a half hour.

By the time I was finished, I figured I should probably start dinner. I made Italian crusted chicken, with roasted zucchini and yellow squash and mashed potatoes. It was all delicious. It made me sad when Ezra refused to eat any of it. In fact, I made him sit there until Marshall came home (a whole hour) I decided that if he wasn't going to eat what I made, then he wasn't going to eat at all. I am not going to make him his own special meal because he doesn't like what I make. Natural consequence for him-- he will be hungry. I feel bad (A little) but at the same time, I need to be tough. I am not making two meals every night and my kids will have to understand that what I make is what they get and that is that. I am sure he will eat a very good breakfast in the morning. (At least he better! Otherwise he will go hungry again!)

By the time Marshall got home, Ezra had painted his potatoes all over his tray and himself. I couldn't bare to watch him, I turn my head away and have to self talk myself out of having anxiety about the mess.

Marshall stepped in at this point. We eventually pulled Ezra out of his highchair, cleaned him off and settled him down. We had a little family lesson on the earth and the creation and talked about the animals. (Ezra's favorite lesson from his nursery book)

We raced to his room (literally 'ready-set-go'-- he didn't want to go to bed, we had to make it fun)
and got him in his pajamas, read him a story and sang him his usual three songs before bed.

My kitchen was a disaster zone and all I wanted to do was go to bed. Eli was fussing on the floor on his play mat and Marshall went down stairs. I yelled for him to come up and help me. I needed his help tonight. He came up and grabbed Eli and soothed him a bit, changed his diaper and gave him his night time bottle. I was grateful for this. I was able to clean the kitchen and get a load of laundry started before tomorrow. This made me feel successful.

Marshall and I were able to catch up on today and the rest of the week before putting Eli down in his crib for (hopefully) the night.

I am blurry eyed while writing tonight and my bed is calling my name.

Have a great week! We are looking forward to this being the last week of swimming and more time to spend as a family in weeks to come!