Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

The last couple weeks have been such a whirlwind for our family, we are really looking forward to some 'normalcy,' 'consistecy and 'routine.' We have been snuggling dad and playing a LOT. Once Marshall is back to work, we are going to be pretty sad without him around. 

Here are some fun facts:

-My most favorite photos of Ezra are when he is in the bathroom 'shaving' like his dad. He takes it very seriously and isn't messing around. I wonder if he will have a thick beard like his dad when he is older?

- Ezra also loves looking in the mirror, I always ask him if he likes what he sees.

-Eli gets so much love and he knows it. He has become quite a social little guy. He loves blondes the most, but really loves new faces. He smiles for everyone else more than he smiles for me. It is really adorable.

-Michelle brought her little guys over for a play date with Ezra. Marshall was home and took the boys out back to play in the snow. Michelle and I were able catch up in quiet, which NEVER happens. Our boys can be pretty rowdy.

 -I don't know what it is like to dress little girls, and I can only imagine how much fun it is, but I LOVE dressing my boys in funny hats and clothes. They don't love it as much as I do. But seriously, how funny is this hat?

- I made sure to get these boys out to have another date with their friends. Mason and Preston are just about the same age as Ezra and Eli and we had a blast. Ezra took over Mason's toys and was happy playing withOUT Mason. He is pretty independent-- until we mentioned lunch and leftover birthday cake. Then he joined us!

- I want to make a big deal about St.patty's day for Ezra- but don't know where to begin. Anyone have any ideas or good recipes? My only plan now is to put food coloring in everything. :)

-Eli's cheeks are getting heavier. I die a little more  everyday at how handsome he is becoming.

- As much as I love and live my mormon faith, I have such a strong admiration and respect for people who practice their own faith. I feel like in a world like today it is crucial to have a deep rooted faith with values and morals. I can't imagine raising a family in anything less than that. I don't know how they would make it through life without it.

- Whenever I type LOL I am really laughing out loud, even if it is just a loud "ha!", chuckling under my breath, squeezing my eyes shut with my mouth open with no sound or slapping my knee. My loling is real and genuine. I swear. 

- We have cabin fever. We are dying to go on walks, go to the parks and run around in our yard. I feel like this snow is never going away.

- I always say this, but I will say it again- I am so grateful to own my own business and to be able to work from home. I love my clients and I LOVE what I do. It is helpful to our family for me to work if something happens in Marshall's work. I am so happy we decided to have a salon in our home.

- As a family, we have experienced more blessings when there are babies/children in our home. This just means we should always have a baby in our home ;) 

- Marshall and I still haven't been on date since Eli has been born. We need to get out. 

- I am currently obsessed with Ezra's squishy, soft arms. They have been hiding all winter. I've been dressing him in short sleeves the last few days and all I want to do is run my finger tips up and down his skin. Am I alone on this one?

We don't have any real plans this weekend besides getting Marshall ready for his new job. We will have to update his wardrobe and stock our cabinets with peanut butter and honey.
Also- maybe try to fit in a date somewhere in there.

Have a great weekend!