Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

I don't remember the last time I thought my week had dragged on and on and on. But that is how this week felt. Eli is on a growing spree and just last week I was bragging to someone about how he has been sleeping the night, the heavens must have heard me. He was up a lot of the nights this week and I am dying for a nights rest. Ezra also has been waking up from his naps unusually feverish. No other symptoms besides a fever and I am losing the sleep that I should be getting, worrying about him. We don't know what is wrong with him. He is acting like his normal self- he seems tired, but he IS tired. He has been waking up early because of his fever and not eating as much as he normally does,and going to bed earlier. He seems a lot more like himself this morning and I am crossing my fingers that he will snap back.

Here are some fun facts:
-Marshall had a great week back at work and was home before 5 almost everyday- What a treat!

- I wore colored contacts up until I had Ezra. Once I had him and saw that he had the most beautiful, rich brown eyes, I immediately stopped wearing them. I never want him to think that I don't like my eyes, because our eyes are very much the same.

- It takes a lot to get a nice photo of us these days.

-I laughed out loud when someone asked me what my postpartum diet consists of. My secret?
Breast feeding and Easter candy. An abundance of each. When I confessed to Marshall my "diet" he made sure to remind me that it also consists of corn. I love corn. 
By the way, I am completely malnourished. ;)

- My mom came over to help with the boys this week. Ezra loves digging in her purse. He drew her lipstick on his juicy lips while she happened to shut her eyes for a second and he loved wearing her glasses. Who has never put on their grandma's glasses?


-Eli fits into 6 month onesies. 6 MONTHS! He will be bigger than his brother. It is most likely from all the candy I have been eating. I am not that sorry. 

- I said these words this week and was quickly reminded that I am such a mom, 
"Is that poop I smell, or is that our dinner?"-- (I had dinner in the oven)

- I received my blog books that I had printed. They are beautiful and I am so glad I did this! My children will enjoy having them to read someday.

- I have a water bottle by every chair I sit in. It seems to be driving Marshall crazy. 

- Ezra's new line, "maybe later."-- he learned this from Marshall while he was home and busy looking for work. I love that he understands what this means and he never forgets that we say it. He reminds us when it has been 'later' 

- Ezra, Eli and I went on out first trip to Target ALONE this week. It was a success! As much as I hate the obnoxiously huge cart- I was proud to push it around with my kids.

- New phones for Marshall and I are on the Horizon! I am saving my pennies to purchase them soon!

- I never win anything. but always try.

- I have a pedicure scheduled next week and I am embarrassed to even show her my feet. It has been way too long.

We are having our friends and their kiddos over this weekend for a little pizza party. 
We are so excited to have them over!

Have a great weekend!