Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

If you were a fly on our wall this week you would have found the sun blinding your vision as it shined through our window. Ezra would have been overly excited about friends coming to play, maybe gritting his teeth because he couldn't contain the amount of joy he was experiencing in his little body.You may have even counted how many times we put Ezra in the corner for a)not listening b)playing rough c)not listening again. You would haven fallen in love with Eli and his gummy little smile and his communicative coos. You would have wanted to run away with my husband because of his ability to make the whole room jump for joy when he walks through our front door or how incredibly helpful he is without even having to ask. You would also see me biting off more than I can chew- being stretched thinner than should be stretched, thinking I can manage it all and feeling pretty ambitious for getting a full nights rest every night this week (thank you Eli, I love you).

You would quickly notice how perfectly IMPERFECT our little family is, how our household runs ragged and how it is a almost relentless that everyday we start completely over in a new routine. There truly is never a dull day in my life and I am beyond grateful for all that I can experience with my my little family. I feel so honored to walk through this life with such a wonderful man and such sweet little boys. I don't know how I deserve to be so blessed or to be so happy. I am extremely grateful.

Here are a couple fun facts:

- I think I turn into a werewolf when there is a full moon. Marshall has reminded me of my sass the last 2 nights.

- Ezra has been putting Eli's pants over his head and claiming to be Spiderman.

- I was able to work out almost everyday this week!

- Ezra is over his weirdo fever thing and his hives are gone. Hallelujah  and of course, now I feel a cold coming on. There is a black cloud over our house that rains germs, I swear.

- I play music to calm us all down during the day.      

- I miss driving a stick shift. Sometimes I ask my mom if I can take her little hyundai to the grocery store so I can remember what it is like to drive one.

- My feet feel baby smooth after my pedicure yesterday. I needed it desperately.

- All we need is love. Loving one another is a commandment that is so easily broken and forgotten. I feel like the world needs a reminder of this beautiful request.

-Ezra loves to wake up Eli. He says "Wake up, all-eye" (All-eye is how he says Eli)

- Ezra doesn't just want to have friends over to play he wants to PLAY with friends when they are over.

- Please don't call me 'dude' I am a lady and a mother.

- Marshall's birthday is next week and I am going to attempt to make him an ice cream cake. I am really excited!

- I think children's rights are the most important rights. Please don't argue with that.

- I love sitting in the sun- and I think Ezra likes it just as much as me.

- The Easter bunny comes to our house on Friday nights because our last name starts with A. ;) We are one of the first houses he visits!

I love our Easter Weekend already! We are going to an Easter Egg hunt at our church tonight, Easter bunny comes tonight and in the morning we will have a delicious little brunch- we are hoping to make it to Como zoo if it isn't too rainy. Sunday we will go to church and have family over for our Easter dinner.

Have a beautiful Easter weekend.