Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

After much thought on making my blog private to just family and friends, I have decided to leave it open. After asking my dear face book friends and followers what they thought about Peanut Butter and Honey going private, I was overwhelmed by the responses. The comments, emails and texts about their love for the blog and for our little family was enough to make me want to cry. I guess I never realized how invested people are in our family and how candid our lives really are to others. I love that others can relate to our lives and also find comfort in knowing that they aren't the only ones who have had a bad day, a rotten toddler, a fussy baby or a trashed house. I am known for "laying it all out on the table" or as Marshall puts it, I "don't hold anything back," but as I have mentioned before, this blog is our family journal. I want to look back on these posts and remember exactly what we went through as a family and how we were able to get through our days together. I want to remember the way I felt, the way things looked, they way my children looked, smelled,slept and ate. I want to remember the love from all of our friends who have surrounded themselves around our family that have grown along with us. I am happy to have friends, old and new, young and old who feel as though they are sitting in our home with us as they read along on Mondays and Fridays and days in between. I realize that there will always be those few people who may know more about my family than I may want them to, but that is a risk I take. And I take that risk because I know now I have a million friends who have The Abrahamson's backs. I love you all and I am so grateful to have you all in our lives. Thank you again for riding along with us on our journey.

Fun Facts Friday:

- I sometimes worry that people don't understand my humor and mistake me for being serious. This can be awkward.

-Ever wonder what breast milk smells like. Come sit by me. I smell like it. (I'm disgusting)

- I am not a very careful person. Marshall even went as far as calling me 'reckless' this week. 

- There isn't a friendship that I have had that I haven't learned, grown, or become a better person by.

-I have loved this quote lately and have said it over and over in my head while making decisions for me and my family. "If it stops you from getting closer to God, then it needs to go." I love it, and have been surprised by the amount of things I have had to get rid of in my life to be closer God. 

- A dear friend of mine this week said "The Lord must really love you guys" when catching her up on our family and all that is happening. When she said this, I believed her. I know that we are being looked after by
the Lord, especially in our most recent events. (More on that later- I promise)

-Eli's nails are as sharp as daggers. Even when I file them down!

-Eli is incredibly social, he smiles for everyone else more than he smiles for me. When I do get a smile-- it is most likely cause he is laughing at me. I almost feel embarrassed sometimes. I think he knows I am a hot mess most days.

- Marshall is my most favorite. He is my biggest fan and biggest supporter. I cannot imagine having anyone else in my life to love me and support me through all the ups and downs of life. Besides, who else would shave lightening bolts onto his face for a bunch of high school boys. He is so cool. (Side note- I am so glad he only wore his face like this for a day.)

- My Great-Grandma is celebrating her 90th birthday this week!! (This is Eli and Ezra's Great-Great- Grandma!- Mind Blown?)

- If I feel like I need to go to the bathroom, I need to get up and GO to the bathroom. Having 2 babies just isn't the same on the ole' bladder.

- I love it when Ezra asks to hold Eli. He says it in his highest, nicest voice- "Hole him" Hole him"

- We treat ourselves to blizzards when we have a hard day. I feel like there have been a lot more runs to Dairy Queen these days.

- I love change and I am married to someone who hates change. Marshall love consistency and stability. I love to mix things up and to do spontaneous things. I think it is healthy.

-I'm shedding. My hair is everywhere and is pulled, yank, ripped out and puked on more than should ever be expected as a mommy with long hair.

- Sometimes when I stare into Eli's rich, brown eyes and see my reflection back at me, I get a little nervous that I may also see angels sitting behind my shoulders. I know he sees them, and I wish I could see them, too.

- I am the reason why our toothpaste tube is a mess.

- This week my family experienced our first AWFUL pinterest dinner. It looks beautiful and was very aromatic, but we had to throw it out. It was so disappointing. I am really hard on myself when dinners don't turn out. I tend to be over excited about new recipes and feel really defeated when they don't turn out as good as I expect.

- Which one of you jerks slit my back tire? Just kidding (I think) Really. Our back tire has a nail in it or something.. it keeps going flat on us.

-I also hate changing the lint trap on the hose in the laundry. I will let the water spray all over the basement and never change it. It has become Marshall's job.

- I panic a little when I realize there isn't any treats in the house.

We have a very busy weekends planned! Friends for dinner, 90th birthday celebration, Eli's baby blessing and Marshall's dad's Birthday! I am happy to get out of the house!