Monday, March 25, 2013

My ((maniac)) Monday

My morning started off lovely. The sun shined bright through our big window. Ezra woke up happy and ready to start his day off. He helped me in the kitchen with breakfast. We made smoothies and bagels. Eli was happy and perfectly content. I thought with all the happiness happening, I could attempt to color my hair. While I bathed Ezra, I threw color in my hair. It processed with I dressed Ezra and set him up with a little show and made Eli comfortable. Eli laid in the hallway and watched me rinse it out. This is how you have to do it people. I was happy to have finally tackled my head after the last couple weeks. 

And then my day/Ezra  turned completely inside out and backwards. He was an absolute wreck. He wanted to be a 'baby' and I am not kidding. Eli was napping in his crib and Ezra almost completely forgot his baby brother existed in his tireless meltdowns. He wanted to be snuggled and rocked in blankets. He did NOT want to be left alone. He cried from 10am to lunch time. He cried his ugliest and loudest cry. And I did not feel bad for him. I didn't even feel like a bad mom thinking this way, he was being completely ridiculous and he needed to pull it together.

The dishes from breakfast piled in the sink and the mess from his tantrums seemed to be spilling into every other room of the house. I wanted to rip my freshly colored hair out. But instead. I held him close and took photos-- then showed him the photos.This seemed to calm him down until lunch time. I sang him Do.. Re...Me.. Fa.. So.. La.. Te.. Do and made him sing it back to me. He can- he is off pitch, but he will get there. ;)

We gave Ezra benadryl yesterday for the hives he developed over the weekend. We think he is allergic to children's ibuprofen, which we were giving him last week for his fever (remember?) I swear the Benadryl was what was making him absolutely nuts. He wasn't even being himself! He had the munchies and everything, he was asking for a snack and for dinner all morning.

I gave him lunch in a muffin tin, he seems to like lunch better this way. He chowed it down and I waited patiently for him to tell me he was done. I couldn't wait to put him down for a nap. He needed to sleep off whatever he was going through.

He took an amazing 2 1/2 hour nap. Blissful, I tell you.

Eli and I snuggled on our napping chaise. I nursed him until we both fell asleep. I think we all woke up completely rejuvenated. I needed to get out of the house and since my trip to Target last week with them, I feel confident that I can almost go anywhere (for not too long) I packed the boys up and headed to my favorite thrift store.

We made it home before Marshall and waited for him to join the party.

I made a delicious dinner (thanks again Pinterest) and afterward I ran to the grocery store to pick up some things for our Easter dinner this Sunday. We are hosting and I love being in the kitchen cooking and baking for everyone.

I wasn't gone long, just enough for Marshall to completely wear Ezra out before bed time. This morning Ezra was a 'baby' and tonight he was a lion. And he wasn't the only one who was a lion, so was Marshall. They crawled around on all fours practically all night.

Once Ezra was down for the night, Marshall and I caught up on Once upon a Time. We can't get enough of that show! I think the writers are so smart!

Marshall had been asking me for days to give him a haircut and I was finally able to tonight.

I didn't get anything accomplished on my list of things to get done-- my list just got longer, but we are all going to bed exhausted and happy. I call that a very successful Monday and a (great) way to start off our week.

We have a great week planned and I am so looking forward to our Easter weekend.

Have a great week.