Monday, March 18, 2013

My Monday::

My morning started at 3:16 am. I could hear Eli stirring and I quickly woke up and went to him. I stood over his crib in my normal groggy state-- but maybe an even more groggy than normal state and asked myself who this baby was that I was looking down at. That baby I was looking at was a monstrous baby- rocking from side to side and trying to escape his swaddle. The Velcro began ripping from its hold and I didn't recognize this baby's loud cry. My baby was small and petite with a sweet and quiet cry. I quickly snapped out of my hallucination and snatched Eli from his crib and when I felt his heavy body in my arms I began to question myself again--- who is this? This baby is heavy! This cannot be my sweet little baby Eli. But it was. He just grows in the dark and in the night. I am forever grateful for my healthy boys.

My morning began again when I heard Ezra call for his daddy. We had prepped Ezra the night before that daddy would be at work. Marshall had his first day at the new job and as much as we knew we would miss him being around, we were anxious and excited to send him off. I rolled out of bed and poked my head in Ezra's room. In my most (sleepy) excited voice I could muster, I sang him my regular "Good Morning!" He wasn't having it and frankly, neither was I. I hate the mornings- most mornings.

He still wanted his daddy, and so did I.

After much negotiating and conversation, I was able to get Ezra settled with breakfast.
I heard Eli wake up and sat with Ezra at the table and nursed Eli while I spoon fed Ezra MY cereal. Heaven forbid he eats from his own bowl. Mine always looks better than what he has. As I am burping Eli over my shoulder, Ezra is pushing his bowl of corn pops over his tray and onto the floor the exact moment that Eli projectile spits up over my right shoulder and somehow onto my left leg. I don't even know how that was possible. Ezra looked at the floor. looked at me. and told me to vacuum. Thanks kid.

I knew I was going to rock as a mom today.

We cleaned up our breakfast mess and got ready for the day- Things were really looking up for us.
Ezra pretended to floss his teeth and wanted to do this in the privacy of his tepee. We read all of his favorite books and had school time. 

My sister came over and saved our snowed in day.
I was able to do her hair, and she was able to help me with the boys while I did an emergency hair appointment. (One of my client's daughters colored her own hair ((mistake)) I had the opportunity of fixing it.- I saved her day! and I loved it)

I had quinoa chicken chili in the crock pot for dinner and was happy to not have to think about preparing dinner.Ezra helped me make the corn bread.

Marshall arrived just in time for dinner. My chili turned out amazing! Marshall wasn't as excited about it as I was- I am looking forward to tomorrows leftovers.

I had to take a photo of Marshall on his first day at the new job. We are so proud of him! 
He looks so cute- He wore his new pants and new socks, that he couldn't stop talking about. ;)

After dinner we had a short little lesson on having faith. Ezra throws his arms in the air and says 'have faith!' and it is adorable. I am so happy he is learning this important lesson in life. This is the only way I make it through my days. Everyone needs a little faith.

I had a hair appointment for a friend at 7. Marshall paced the length of our house holding Eli in his arms for most of the appointment. I sincerely thanked Marshall for doing this, he knows how much it means to me to be able to do hair. I know he doesn't love that I do it when I can be spending time with him, but he knows and respects that I enjoy it so much and I love him for that.

We snuggled on the couch and caught up on Once upon a time while I gave Eli his last feeding. Marshall and I were both exhausted from the day we had.

I wasn't exactly planning on the day I had today-- story of my life really.

I look forward to the rest of our week and excited to have some down time with my boys. 
My goal is to clean clean clean and to catch up on our laundry. Jealous?

Have a great week!