Monday, March 4, 2013

My Monday:Short and Sweet

We looked out our big front window a majority of the day, waiting an watching for all the snow that was expected. We made a mess of our house and ate every last drop of food in the fridge.

Ezra ran wild until his afternoon nap time.

We had an apple after our nap. Ezra hogged the apple. And when I say 'Hog',I mean it.

He asked me to hold it, so he could take a bigger bite.

We snuggled. 

A lot of snuggling.

And we smiled and giggled.

Lots of giggles... and finally Ezra is getting his little brother to laugh along with him.

It's about time.

Ezra even share his toys with Eli today. He sure makes a wonderful big brother. 
Eli is one lucky little guy.

After our measly dinner I had to run to the grocery store so we could restock our cabinets with food before we were snowed in tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

Enjoy the snow!