Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4th, 1980.

33 years ago, Today, a young mother and father gave birth to their second child,their first son. A boy who would become the most wonderful man. An adored man, who is looked at by his own family with eyes of admiration and love. He brings security and peace into our home and an eternal future for his wife. There are many things that I love and can't get enough of about Marshall, but here are 33 things that I can share with you all in honor of him turning 33 years old.

1. His smile. I love the way his eyes get all squinty and his mouth turns up right.
2. His brain- We always say he is the brains behind this relationship, because he really is. He is so darn smart!
3. He isn't a smelly man. It's true. This man NEVER smells bad. He doesn't sweat and doesn't reek. It is the craziest phenomenon. Aren't men supposed to be the stinky ones in the marriage.(Why am I the stinky one in this marriage.)
4. Because he isn't smelly, he doesn't add to my laundry pile! It is a dream! He prefers to do his own laundry and you know I love that.
5. He reads any and every instruction manual front to back! I didn't think people actually did this. But because he does this, he knows how everything in our house works and how long it will work for and what kind of batteries everything in the house  needs. I love it!
6. He works hard for us. and I mean it. This man NEVER spends a dime of what he earns on himself. He works for his family, to provide a home, food, clothing and everything else it takes for us to be comfortable. He amazes me. I am always so grateful for him.
7. He does our taxes. HE DOES OUR TAXES PEOPLE! Even with all my business stuff! He does it! He is so smart and so patient and so good at math!
8. He plays with me. He would drop everything to play a round of ping pong with me, or a board game or if I wanted him to shoot me math problems just to prove that I could do them.(This really happened the other night- I made him make up math problems and I solved them. This was fun for me.) We have fun together not doing much at all and I love him for that.
9. We enjoy the same entertainment. He will cuddle on the couch with me after a long day and unwind with a show we both enjoy. And then, after the show we talk about until we fall asleep about what could be happening. We create the plots and solutions and all sorts of ideas in our heads and it makes us too impatient to wait for the next episode.
10. He will do anything for his kids. These boys have Marshall's heart. Marshall is the happiest when he is at home playing with Ezra (and Eli, too- he can't play very much yet)
11.His dreams for our home. I love all his ideas of what he would like to do to our house and our yard someday. So fun and it makes me want to live here forever.
12. His physique. When we first started dating, I thought he had the most comfortable pectorals. I am not kidding. I love the way his chest felt against my head. ( I am 5'1ish and he is barely 6")
13. His love for working with the swim team. As hard as the swim season is on me during the winter months in, I admire the love and energy puts into his swim team. He is so great with them and has helped them achieve goals that no other coach could and I am so proud of him for that.
14. I admire his faith and obedience to the Lord and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This man loves the Lord more than he loves me. And I love that. He is such a beautiful example of obedience to what Heavenly Father asks of us and Marshall is such a wonderful man because of this.
15. Marshall's things. First of all. Marshall doesn't acquire "things" at. all. He doesn't have "toys" but what he has, he has worked tirelessly for them. I can of 5 things that he has worked years to earn to have that he loves and takes very good care of. 1. My wedding ring. It's beautiful 2. His house. 3. His car. (paid cash for,even!) 4.His snow blower 5. His computer. He is so simple and I encourage him to get crazy and to spoil himself once in a while, but he never does.
16. His love for sweaters. Since we were married, Marshall has created a collection of winter sweaters. He LOVES to be warm at work and loves to wear a sweater over his button ups. I think it is adorable and every morning he asks which sweater would look best with what pair of pants and what button down, and then he says, "are you sure, babe?" I am always sure. I could dress that man in my sleep.
17. His love for his mom and dad. He could sit on his parent's couch and swap stories with them all night long if he could. He admires his father so much and it is always touching to me to think of our boys and their love for their father. I am happy to see Marshall get a long so well with his parents.
18. Marshall's food. I am never kidding about Marshall and his pb and honey sandwiches and cream of wheat breakfasts. Every day the same. This makes shopping every week so easy for me. He knows what he likes!
19. Marshall's beard. You all know I love his beard. I love how serious he takes his beard in the cold months of the year. The system he has about growing it and trimming it is meticulous. I also love that he does something fun to it at the end of the swim season for the boys.
20. Marshall when he is sick. He is down and out with the slightest of fever or stuffy nose and I am the opposite of this when I am sick. I plow through my sickness head on. I admire his lay down and take care of yourself approach. I actually envy it.
21.Marshall's stories. Marshall has been in my life for over 5 years and every time I feel like I have heard all his stories from his ole' hat, he pulls out a new one. He really keeps me on my toes!
22. His intensity and passion for what he believes. He will never boldly proclaim what he thinks or believes out loud or in public, because this boy has manners. But, he will share with me how he feels about mostly anything. I am happy he shares with me his thoughts and feelings about anything and everything. I am not so sure other husbands do this.
23. I am also not so sure other women have husbands who will want to sit down and "talk" things out either. Marshall does this. I remember it being so weird after we first got married and had arguments  I wanted to run away and leave and he wanted to sit and talk about our feelings. WHAT! Who does this. This is still hard for me, but he is willing to do that.
24. Marshall's booming low voice. what more can I say. I love his booming low voice. Call him on his cell phone some day and wait for him to say hello, you will know what I am talking about. If you really want to be tickled. Call him first thing in the morning.
25. Marshall talks and laughs in his sleep. He told me that when he was home from his mission (in Korea) He  
startled his sister when he started speaking Korean in his sleep.
26. Marshall's head shape. Before Marshall and I started dating, I sat directly behind him. As a hairstylist I stared at the back of his head and the shape of his occipital bone. It was perfect. Round and all. I wanted to get my hands on his head so bad! I was so excited when he came into my salon for a haircut. I still love cutting his hair.
27. His love for cake. He is always okay with me wanting to make a cake for no reason.
28. His thinking face. He has this glazed over, mouth slightly open, dazed eyes kinda face when his wheels are turnin'. I always ask him what he is thinking and he tells me. It is usually something good.
29. He has a quote for everything. I am not kidding. When I first met him, he would charm me with quotes. I think he even had a quote notebook that he carried in his car? (Maybe?) If I needed to hear something to uplift, guide or inspire me, Marshall always knew what I needed to hear. Even without his quotes, he still says all the right things.
30. Marshall has my back. He is my biggest fan, my #1 supporter in everything and is always so encouraging of me and all that I do. I don't know what I would do without him.
31. He loves me to the moon and back. He does. I know he does and you can see it in his eyes. I am a very lucky woman.
32. He is an amazing father. Women have stopped us to tell us that they watch him with Ezra and they can tell he is a great dad. It chokes me up to think of how blessed our children are to have a loving father in their lives.
33. He is mine. For time and all eternity. There is no one else that I would rather spend the rest of my time with. 33 years ago my other half was born into this crazy world and 5 years later I would join him in this life. It wasn't until years down the road we would meet and create this journey that we are on together and I am so grateful everyday for him and the joy he brings into my life.

Happy Birthday, Marshall. I love you!!