Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

Yesterday was a wild day for us, I ran an errand with the boys, then went to a friends before lunch for a little play time. After our lunch and afternoon naps, I needed to make Marshall's birthday dinner, I realized that we didn't have any candles for his cake and I hadn't even gotten him a card. The last thing that I wanted to do was to run to the store, but I knew I should. I loaded the boys in the van and when we got to the store I unloaded them into a cart and headed toward the front doors. An older man stood by and said "You sure have your hands full" -- I looked at him and looked again at my babies piled in the cart, my hair a messy braid and barely held together with a couple pins, my clothes stained with tomato sauce and spit up and a toddler with iridescent  boogers smeared on both cheeks and his hair sticking straight up from an awfully sweaty, short nap. The older man then said, "I bet that baby's sleeping in there, huh?" What this man thinks he knows is only the half of it. I do have my hands full. They are always full, and the fact that I am out with my children for a "quick" errand isn't making my life any easier. My baby who should have been sleeping in his car seat had screamed the entire way to the store and happened to be quiet while we were walking to the front doors,.I think the fresh air made its way to his cheeks and shushed him for a moment. I thought of many things that I could have said to this man, but I just smiled and kept on. Moments like these make me so aware of what we say to others and how we should be more loving, thoughtful and helpful. We never know what kind of day the person has had or how much we say can impact the day that lays ahead of them. In a perfect world, that man would have said, "Your hands look full, how can I help you?" or "You are doing a great job" but we are all human and so IMperfect, but a nice gesture to any stranger goes a long way. This is my goal this week, to remember that everyone is fighting their own battle and that I can make their load just a little lighter by telling them they are wonderful or asking them what I can do to make their lives a little easier.

Here are a couple photos from Marshall's Birthday, yesterday and of course our Fun Facts!

- Ezra is starting to put his own clothes on and even taking his own jacket and shoes off. He is incredibly independent and likes to do things himself... even if it takes forever.
-I am really losing all of my hair. The idea of cutting it short again seems a lot more appealing lately.
-The cops have put one of those speed limit radars on our street and I told Marshall that I want to put my running shoes on and run as fast as I can past to see my speed limit.

 - I finally found the trick to making a great lasagna.This is Marshall's favorite. It has to be right!
- We have all had colds this week. Imagine that. hmph... and our house may or may not smell like body odor because I am doing the 'onion experiment' where we place a cut onion in every room of the house and let it sit and absorb all the germs. I hope it works.
- I let Ezra play outside yesterday. It was beautiful, we was running around like he was set free. He really was set free.

-The ice cream cake for Marshall that I was so excited, ended up being made by Marshall. Yes. He made his own cake. I am a bad wife.
-My thumbs are dry and I swear it is from all the diapers I change.
-I am happy to still have Ezra is diapers, I am not even thinking of potty training him until he is 3.
- I found Eli's dimples. He has two just like his brother, but you only see them when he smiles, they are very pronounced in his smile creases and they make his smile bigger and smilier! ;)

-Ezra is at the most perfect age to make his daddy a birthday card. He loved giving it to him. It melted my heart when he asked me to draw daddy and to draw him. So cute.

- I am booked up with work in the salon, call/text or email me for a future appointment. My availability goes fast!

- Ezra's new fun phrase, "Oh! Great!" or "Thats Great, mama!"

- We ordered some patio furniture this week for a steal! I cannot wait to sit outside comfortably enjoying the fresh air! 

- Marshall and I have a date tonight! We are going to eat steak and get groceries without the kids, we are spoiling ourselves!;)

- Ezra blew out Marshall's candles. He was also the one to remind me that we didn't have any candles and needed t make a run to the store for them. He loves birthdays, can't you tell?

-Wigs on kids are always funny.
General Conference is this weekend and I always look forward to listening. I need more spiritual inspiration these days.

Have a great weekend!