Friday, April 12, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

Let's be real for a second.
 I was a terrible  mom, wife and home maker this week. I didn't play with Ezra as much as I should have, his clothes have been permanently dirty from all the food he spills on himself attempting to feed himself, and the corners of his mouth have crusty food chunks stuck to it. Eli has a stuffy nose and he's mad at me. His usually awesome sleep-thru-the-night routine has gone down the drain since having a cold and Marshall and I barely touched each other all week.And my house is a DISASTER! and! I don't even care.
 I am tired. I have a headache and all I want is to sleep without being woken up. But. The weekend is here and I am looking forward to having Marshall around and spending time together as a family. I hope to clean my neglected house, play with my boys and snuggle with my neglected husband.

Here are a couple fun facts.

-My shoulders always have spit up on them.
-Ezra loves to color, draw or play with chalk.
-I would do everybody's hair for free if I could, but Marshall says I can't...because I run a business, and that is not how you run a business.
-I love everyone's jeans but my own. And I will always ask you about your jeans.
-My hair was never done this week. Not one day.
-I am doing a fabulous job saving money. Feels good.
-Eli turned 4 months TODAY!! He is 12 lbs. 12 oz!
-Ezra talks in full sentences. This week he told Marshall that he missed him while he was at work. Marshall died a little. So sweet.
-I am terrible at putting Eli on his tummy. Terrible. But he holds his head up well all on his own. I am working on it.
-This weather is ruining my social life.
-Ezra also kisses us all on his own. Big wet ones, too.
-I am working on being more aware of others and their situations and how I can be more sensitive to them.
-I chipped my front tooth on a Christmas cookie a couple years ago. It is noticeable if you want to get real close to see it, but I will never let you get that close to see it.
-I just want to open my windows already.
-We are going to get a new front door and I am sad because the door we have currently has a window just at Ezra's height and he loves to look out of it. I don't think we will be getting one with a window like that.
-I am getting excited to do fun things in our yard. I miss the grass and the flowers and the warm breeze. I don't even remember what that is like.

I am happy it is Friday, aren't you?