Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

This week was a never ending week. I am not sure if our days are longer because it is spring, or if they are longer because it actually isn't spring, yet. The snow really is lovely, and I am grateful that I can hunker down in my little home and snuggle my little boys tight. There has been a lot of time for that. My heart has been aching for those in the world that are suffering from the attacks in Boston, or the fires in Texas or any other trial that they are going through. My mind has shifted into a wild survivor mode and all I can think about is preparing my family for a disaster. I am turning into a paranoid mama bear and Marshall thinks I am kinda nuts.But I am serious. Seriously nuts.

Here are a couple fun facts:
-I am pretty sure I have a mouth full of cavities. I am blaming it on my pregnancies. Along with my baby pooch that I can't get rid of. Blaming that on my pregnancy, too. Because I can.

-Marshall tried to talk to me the other day about his life insurance policy and I sat and cried the whole time. I couldn't bare to talk about the "what if's"
- There is nothing quite like a fresh baby out of the bath. 

- When people tell me that my children are adorable. I proudly agree with them. I do have cute kids. Someday I will be struck by lightening for not being more humble about how freaking adorable my children are. (But I highly doubt it.)

-I love pinterest. But you all know that. I also refer to pinterest quite often when sharing with people all the new things I have learned. (I am that person)

-I let Eli sit in his bumbo for just a couple minutes once in a while- he doesn't quite fit it yet, but he sure likes to try.

-I am seriously considering homeschooling my children and have been doing my homework about how to do it, when to start and what type of program would be best for our family.

- Marshall and I are getting anxious to do some work to the exterior of our house. We are really hoping to re-side and get a new front door. We know this will look tremendously better than what we currently have. It will be a great update.

-Ezra loves to help me do dishes, set the table, put away the laundry, hold Eli and many other things. He is definitely living up to his name (Ezra means "helper" in hebrew)

- I love driving in the snow. For some reason I feel really cool while doing it. In my van.

- I love singing. and Ezra tells me to "stop the music"

-I broke our internet modem this week. I thought I was going to die. We have the best neighbors in the world who had and extra one they gave to us!

- I am getting really excited to work a couple weddings coming up in May. I love the energy of wedding parties.

-I am not going to start Eli on rice cereal for another month or so. I hate that phase. It is so messy.

I am taking the day off tomorrow. Our plan was to go to the Zoo but because of the snow we have been graced with, we are going to taking Ezra to open swim. He thinks that we are going to the beach every time we take his pants off. (haha)

Have a great weekend!