Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

This week was not one of my favorites. This is why. It snowed. Again. Marshall had to work long days. Again. We missed Marshall everyday this week. Again. Just like when it was swim season. I can tell an immediate difference in Ezra's demeanor when his father isn't around to play and wear him out. He truly needs his daddy. And I need his daddy, too. My week's plans were all amok with Marshall needing to stay late at work every night this week and as grateful as I am that he has a job, his job really got in the way of my/our time in the evenings. We are all looking forward to this beautiful weekend ahead!
We made it to the zoo last Saturday! Ezra LOVED it!

Here are some fun facts:

-My senior quote under my senior photo in the yearbook says, "Be the softest light in the darkness" I loved it then, and I love it now. I asked my younger sister today what hers was and died when she told me hers was "I am not wearing any pants." I couldn't stop laughing! (This is real, by the way-- it really does say that)

- I over use the word "Totally"

- I made dinner once this week and it was a big hit. Asian lettuce wraps. Ezra liked them, too.

-Is it just me or does Ezra look like a BIG little boy? He seems so old compared to Eli.

- When I was younger a neighbor came by to tell us it looked like one of our dogs got out. My dad, sisters and I (along with more neighborhood kids and adults) went to check things out- we noticed what looked to be a 30 pound woodchuck trying to get inside our fenced in yard. My two dogs barked viciously from the otherside. My dad yelled "Kris, run up to the garage and grab a 2x4!" so I did what I was told. I didn't know what a 2x4 was.. but I remembered when I saw a big piece of wood propped up against the garage wall. I struggled running it back, but felt like a hero when I returned. This was until my dad ripped it from my grasp and started pounding the woodchuck over the head with it - The woodchuck hissed and jumped toward my my dad, but my dad was brave. He continued to wail on that little woodchuck's head until it laid dead on the grass in front of myself, my sisters, my dad and the neighborhood spectators. What a horrible way to die. I will never forget that  day.

- I think the two most important things to teach your children is to say "thank you" and "amen". I want my children to be grateful for everything that they have been given and also to know where everything truly comes from. We say prayers with Ezra and Eli everyday- with every meal and before bed. If Ezra can't sit still for all of it and even tries to escape, we make sure that he still says amen. He does it on his own most of the time

- I cry with anyone who is crying. I can't help it. I do. and I will.

- I have to wear socks or slippers to bed. I don't sleep well unless my feet are toasty.

- I actually made an appointment to have my haircut. This is happening today. I am so spoiled. (But... both of my kids will be with. I am THAT woman.)

- I hate paper straws. They look pretty, but they are the worst to drink out of. yuck.

-Ever since I have had babies, I can't crack my back like I used too. And I wish I could. But I do crack my knuckles- and I like to crack them while I wash my hands. Such a weird habit.

- Ezra's new favorite thing is chalk. I can't wait to pull out our big chalk board outside so he can color on it.

-We are planning on grilling this weekend and enjoying our nice new patio furniture. Finally!