Monday, April 1, 2013

My Monday::

We were up and off to such a great start this morning. I was even able to talk Ezra and Eli into running a quick errand for the salon. Ezra has been so unbelievably helpful and I love having him around. He insists on carrying my purse or any bags. He offers to help with breakfast, lunch and dinner and is eager to put his laundry in his hamper or laundry chute and will absolutely put his toys and books back in his room on his shelf or in the basket just as he is asked. He is a dream. I wish he would stay this way forever.
\Today Ezra was the photographer. Really. The Easter bunny brought him his own little camera and he was snapping pictures (of the floor, of himself or of his finger over the flash) all day long.

I love that he kept trying to take photos of Eli. When the flash would go off, he would jump up and down and tell me all about the photo he took, exclaiming that he "did it!" 

Ezra helped with his own lunch. He pulled one of our chairs over to the counter and told me exactly how he wanted his sandwich. He wanted it big and NOT cut. After struggling to eat it, he asked me to cut it. He kept eating the carrots and cheese before I could get them placed on his little plate. 

 Ezra is great at letting me know when he is done with his lunch. He wanted to play with his little brother who waited patiently for us to finish our lunches to hang with him.
Eli is such an easy baby and so incredibly sweet. I love watching these two boys get to know one another.

Ezra would walk up to Eli throughout the day and smack a big wet kiss on Eli's chubby cheeks or round little head and every time I saw Ezra do this, I cringed-- because I thought Ezra was going to be rough. But today he wasn't! He is warming up to Eli more and more everyday.

I was able to lay both the boys down for their naps in their own little beds by 12:30. I crawled up onto the couch and took my own little nap. I knew it wouldn't be long before Eli would wake up hungry.

I could have napped longer and I tried. I always try. I grabbed Eli from his crib and tried giving him his pacifier to see if he would soothe himself back down. It wasn't fair of me to do this, and we both knew it. He is no fool. It wasn't much longer before Ezra cried for me next.

As I nursed Eli, I walked to Ezra's room and pulled Ezra out of his crib (still nursing Eli. I am a pro at nursing and moving) Ezra wanted to snuggle. We all snuggled on the chaise while I continued to feed Eli. I allowed Ezra to have his pacifier just a little longer than usual. I am a big stickler about him having it, but today I felt like being nice and he thanked me for it.

After our snuggles and snacks. I was able to get some spring cleaning done. I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet, organized our stack of mail,did the dishes and also got through some laundry (laundry is never ever finished, ever.) All while Ezra watched Dora the explorer.

When Marshall got home we had a delicious dinner, which consisted of leftovers from our Easter feast. We had a quick scripture study before sending Ezra off to bed.

The sun was deceiving today, I wish it was warmer. This was natures way of playing an April fools trick on all of us. I cannot wait to sit outside on a blanket in the yard and wait for Marshall to get home from work to play with us. I like to think that in only a couple weeks this will be real.

Marshall's birthday is this week and we love a good excuse to go out to dinner and to eat cake.

Have a great week!