Monday, April 22, 2013

My Monday:

Eli woke me up a couple times in the night, as most babies do. I was ready to be up for the day when he woke me up again at 7 am. Ezra woke up shortly after. After stepping into the living room and kitchen area I scanned my surroundings and immediately hated my day. There was a pile of dishes in the sink from yesterday, crusty food on the table, sticky somethings on our counter tops, and crumbs on the kitchen floor. Also, a heaping pile of laundry that needed to be folded and put away, which reminded me of the loads of laundry I attempted to start over the weekend, that also needed to be finished. I didn't want to do any of it. 
I did actually make a to do list last night before hopping into bed, knowing that I would hate it all today. 

After negotiating with Ezra on what he would eat for breakfast, I was able to get the dishes cleaned and also scrub the counters. Eli was fed and played happily on his play mat. 

Ezra and I shared a shower/bath together quickly and Eli was next. I clipped 20 little fingernails and 20 little toe nails and cleaned 2 sets of ears. These boys were ready for their mini day out of the house. We had a lunch date with my mom and my dear friend, Steph. They were both celebrating their birthdays.

We made it right on time and enjoyed our time away from the house and the boys were great. Ezra loves being getting out. Stephanie brought him a bag full of little toys and this kept Ezra entertained and very happy throughout our lunch. Eli snoozed for the most of it, which you know I loved.

When we got home, Ezra and I played with the remote to my camera. I don't know why I like this shot of all of them. Even though it is blurry. Ezra was having a blast watching the light flash and the camera clicking by itself. It kept us entertained before nap time.

 I was hoping that I could feed Eli and we could all go down for our afternoon naps, but Eli was mad at me. He takes a long time to nurse, and then he spits so much up that the last couple feedings I have been cutting him off earlier than he likes. He wasn't done eating and he made sure I knew it. He yelled at me my entire nap time and before I knew it Ezra was awake and I didn't get to shut my eyes. Not even for a second. I caved and just nursed Eli again. That was exactly what he wanted.

My mother in law swung by for a haircut before the snowstorm crept in. Eli and grandma shared a healthy amount of laughs while she visited.

Marshall sent me a text from work telling me he would be home late. I hate texts like this-- but sometimes love them. I don't bother preparing dinner when he wont be home to enjoy it with us. I fed Ezra his leftover chicken strips and broccoli from lunch and I nibbled one a cookie or two while waiting for Marshall to get home.
Have I mentioned that this weather is killing me. I am suffering from a b.a.d case of cabin fever and I need to snap out of it. 

Ezra's face while watching as the snow falls says it all.

Have a great week! The weather looks great towards the end of the week and I am really hoping we can set up our pretty little patio furniture and let the sun kiss our cheeks. Only in Minnesota will we have 6 inches of snow and a 70 degree day in one week.