Monday, April 29, 2013

My Monday:

Today was awesome. For me, my boys, my mom, and my family!
I will make this short and sweet, because, let's be real- you know you would rather look at pictures than anything else.

Eli has been waking us up with his adorable coos and I just lay in my bed and listen. Ezra on the other hand still calls for his daddy. every.single.morning. 

The boys were happy today. I could end my post right now. They were adorable and happy all day.

I watched Ezra smother Eli for much of the morning, managed to colored my hair while Ezra's imagination kept him busy, ran an errand, got lost on the way home- stupid road construction, packed a picnic, went to the park, used frozen beans to prevent a bruise on Ezra's head. My camera swung and knocked him in the head as I turned (He follows me pretty close, this unfortunately isn't the first time this has happened- and this wasn't the only time he hit/fell/ran his head into something today. poor guy) napped while my boys napped, had a BBQ for my mamma's birthday (Marshall is my most favorite burger flipper) and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Here are some photos to prove it.