Monday, April 8, 2013

My Monday::

My Mondays are really all very much the same- and today was not that much different.

But the usual blinding sun that shines through our window was replaced with dreary skies and we could hear the cars driving through all the puddles left from last nights rain (which I slept right through) My sink was piled high with dishes from the weekend and I wanted no part of washing them. In fact, they were there until 5 this evening. I was able to squeeze in a quick work out while Ezra hung on my back while I attempted push ups or how he followed me around the house as I did lunges or even when he laid across my stomach as I did sit ups.Ezra thinks I am playing when I am trying to work out. I guess I do look fun as I do jumping jacks and squats and other things. I would love a membership to the gym, but Marshall says no. He doesn't think I would go, but I would prove him so wrong.
I have nothing to do with these duck lips. He did this all on his own.I swear.
Ezra didn't have to persuade me too much for a haircut this morning after he asked me for one. I agreed with him. He was looking a bit shaggy. He really eats up the pampering he gets while he is in the 'hair chair' as he calls it. After a few antsy moments, I had to bribe him with a jelly bean to sit still so I could finish. He was happy to oblige (or take the bribe)

Duck lips shown again here. I promise I did not teach him this.
I had a hair appointment this morning for a client who I love. It is hard to believe that I am coming up on 9 years of doing hair and in those 9 years, I have met the most wonderful people and I am so happy to have become friends with all of them. Most of them feel like family to me. I love this about my job. Anyways, Amy brought her sweet daughter over and she played with Ezra. Ezra LOVED having her over. It isn't very often he gets to play with an older girl. He kept saying "Girl, come play" and it was really funny.  I did have to remind him to play nice with her. She wasn't used to all the wrestling moves he was trying on her.

Afterwards, Ezra had some lunch and went down for his nap. My goal this week is to eat a dark, leafy green salad every day. So for lunch, I did-- and I was starving before dinner.

 Eli and I were able to lay out on my bed and took a good hard afternoon nap. We all woke up and got ready for the next round of friends who were coming for hair appointments. Ezra was able to play with (one of my best friends) Whitney, while her mom came to have her hair touched up. Ezra loves being spoiled by Whitney and her mother, who came with little toys for Ezra to have. He has played with them for the rest of the day.

After they left, I tackled the dishes and Ezra helped me with dinner. Ezra wanted to try everything that I cut up for dinner. Ezra tried a raw green pepper, a raw red onion and cold sausage (don't worry it is already fully cooked) and Ezra's new favorite food is cherry tomatoes. He pops those babies in his mouth like it's candy! I am so glad he likes to try new things. Healthy new things,too! Ezra is also great about telling us when he is hungry and I fed him before Marshall got home. When Marshall got home we had dinner while I nursed Eli and  Ezra played at our feet. When we told Ezra that we had leftover birthday cake and ice cream from Marshall's birthday weekend, we asked what he would like and he yelled with glee, "ICE CREAM" This boy likes his ice cream.
He ate is while he sang "Happy Birthday" to his daddy (again) and then he thanked him for having a birthday.

We are try our best to tire Ezra out before bed time, but I think he wears us out more. Our bedtime routine has become a nightly ritual that I have grown to absolutely love. Ezra now knows to draw it out just a little longer buy giving us all wet smooches and hugs after a story, songs and prayers.

I didn't get to the laundry, I never vacuumed the floor, I definitely didn't scrub the tub and toilet like I had hoped to, but I did make dinner, do the dishes and kept my boys happy and entertained for most of the day. It was a pretty good day at our house. We are still hoping and wishing that the sun will shine and dry the wet earth so we can go outside and play.

We have another busy week and I am also looking forward to Eli's 4 month appointment on Friday. I can't wait to see what this hunk is weighing in at these days.

Have a great week!