Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

The few days of spring we were able to experience were heavenly. The weather was perfect and my boys were happy happy happy. I wish I could say the same for the last couple days. This weather is killing me. killing me softly. I am grumpy. I don't want to get out of bed and I barely want to open my drapes, for fear what is happening behind the glass. This weather is ridiculous, mother nature. ridiculous. Have you never had to raise a toddler boy? Who not only likes, but NEEDS to be outside, who NEEDS to be kissed by your wind and hugged by your sunny rays? We put up our new patio furniture and enjoyed our yard and our weekend- and have stayed in almost every day this week.

Here are some fun facts:

- My sisters 'get me'. I think most people think they 'get me' but my sisters and I speak the same language. I don't know what I would do without them. I love them.

-I am insanely ambitious. You may already know that- or think you know that. But if I have a project or a challenge of any kind I take it head on. I also have a million ideas running through my head at all times.

- Eli eats his hands. A lot. I swear I feed him.

-Our new phones arrived this week. I can honestly say- I love my phone and it is already making a world of difference. Side note. I can take credit card payments now! (through my phone!)- Technology is mind blowing. Also- Tell me what apps that I need to have.

-Marshall brought home a hand me down cozy coupe from a family that he works with. This is probably the coolest thing to happen to Ezra since our 75degree day last weekend. 

- I will be thirty in 2 and a half years and I still wear zit cream to bed. Can I be done with it yet?

- I hate buying new underwear/garments/socks. I would rather buy something else.

-I love that Marshall has a budget for us. But I dread telling him when I go over. I feel as though I have failed him. Making a meal plan for the week is my secret to a successful shopping trip.

- I have pulled out the activity set for Eli this week and even though he isn't entirely ready for it, he sure does like it. 

-I can confidently say that I am finally down to my pre pregnancy weight. I would still like to lose a couple more pounds. But I am feeling a little more comfortable in my skin these days. 

- I am still nursing and plan to continue to nurse until he is a year. That is, if he will let me. And no, I haven't started him on rice cereal yet. I am pushing that out for a wee bit longer.

-When people ask me how I do 'it'-- I never know what they are asking. I just tell them that I don't- I am never doing anything how I am supposed to, and it is never done well or easily. The only thing that I know I can do well, is hair. I believe the reason for that is because I am in a room, with the door shut and I am  staring at someone's head. I can think clearly and focus. The minute I walk out of the salon my brain becomes a jumble of goo.

- I am hungry all the time.I am trying not to cave into my cravings. ie; bigmacs, cupcakes...etc.

-I accidentally deleted a ton of photos from a family walk on a beautiful night last weekend. I hate myself for it! ughhh!

I am working a wedding tomorrow and really excited! I love this time of year and the energy of happy brides. Such a fun time! Have a great weekend!