Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

I happened to find a few photos leftover from mothers day. What a cool day. My mothers days are getting better and better every year.
  I missed out seeing my mom on mother's day to spend the day with my boys. Marshall barbecued and the boys got me some pretty flowers and chocolates.

 Here are a few photos from last weekend.

The weather this week couldn't have been better and I was able to spend my days with my boys.
We had a play date with friends, we played in our backyard, we went to the park, we read lots and lots of books. Throw some hugs, kisses and snuggles in there-- between the time outs and occasional tantrum and stinky diaper and we have an ideal week.

Here are some fun facts:

- I love writing checks. Not that I like spending money, but there is something about the pen on the paper that I can't get enough of. I also like to sign my name.

-My signature is more like my initials in a very fancy scribble. I'm kidding, it is not fancy at all. Just very scribbly.  

-Ezra shares my love for scareing. He LOVES to scare Eli with his lion like roars. I get mad at him pretty much every time he does this. Poor Eli.

-Nothing makes me more happy than finding out a friend is having a baby. There is no better news than that. 

- I will loan my clothes out to anyone who asks. This week I gave away all sorts of things to a couple different friends. I can now justify buying new things!(wink, wink. Marshall)

-Ezra has learned something this week. THIS stance. (photo below) and I have NO idea who taught him this or where he picked it up. It is killing me. He is all boy, I tell you. Throw a water gun in his hands and that facial expression and you don't know if you want to run or roll on the floor and laugh.

- Ezra couldn't finish his popsicle. He didn't get that he should lick it and not bite it. The constant brain freeze was killing him. I finished it and my sensitive teeth were screaming at me. I couldn't swallow it down fast enough.

- These photos of the boys are never and I mean never set up or posed. I promise on my life! Ezra sets himself up comfortably next to Eli and snuggles himself in just properly for me to photograph them together. I love living with male models.

-Eli hadn't pooped in 9 days. I didn't leave the house this week knowing that when I did, he would blow out his diaper everywhere. Eli also seemed fussy, uncomfortable and didn't sleep a single night this week. Not until last night. Eli blew out his diaper and because I was busy with a client, Marshall got to change him/bathe him. I was jealous. I was waiting for that explosion all week and I wanted to witness it. I just witnessed the aftermath.

- Ezra wants to do everything outside these days. It was coloring this week. 

- I feel like Eli can finally sit strong enough in his bumbo these days. I don't let him sit for too long, but long enough to strengthen his little body.

Happy Friday!