Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun Facts Friday!

This week definitely wasn't our easiest. I think I prayed for patience and for forgiveness for totally losing it on Ezra multiple times every single day. We were hard on each other this week. The boys and I have had colds and I swear there is no end to them! And to make it worse, the weather kept us inside almost all week to share our germs back and forth. We have a busy weekend ahead of us and I am kind of excited!

Here are a couple fun facts:

-Ezra prefers to bulb his own nose. He actually does it right, too! Keeps us from having to tackle him down to get it done. (Not to say that we don't once in a while)

-My mom saved me this week by helping me with the boys. Two days in a row this week. I am forever grateful for her. I love my mom.

-I hate that we can't do anything for Eli's plugged little nose. He is miserable, too. Not sleeping well these days and neither am I.

-My little sister leaves for Israel on Sunday. I always get really worried when she travels. I was happy she came over to play with the boys and I this week. And isn't she the most photogenic person ever? She is. 

-We went to park yesterday, our first nice day all week. Ezra had the biggest smile on his face the entire walk over.

- The monkey bars are WAY harder than I remember.

-I wish I was way more organized.

- I would love a garden and a gardener. I would kill everything.

-We microwaved hot dogs for dinner this week. This is not one of my proudest moments.

- I am not lying when I say Ezra LOVES his auntie. 

-We still haven't mowed our lawn. We are officially those neighbors.

- I get anxiety over making new recipes. I read them over and over before I make them.

-I don't think I have gone grocery shopping and NOT forgot something that we needed. Ugh.

-Why is it so fun to put kids in baskets and things?

- I am stronger than you think. And I am stronger than even I think.

- Growing up, my sisters would buy all the coolest cds. I never spent my money on cds. I maybe owned 5 total. Still to this day, I don't buy music. I don't even know how mp3's and itunes or whatever even works.But I LOVE music. 

- I hate driving downtown I try my hardest to get out of it if I can.

We are looking forward to a great weekend ahead! 
Happy Long Weekend!