Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

Lets be completely honest. This weather is killing me. I feel like I am crawling around on my knees barely getting things accomplished. After a long lazy weekend - Our week started off to a very lazy start.
We hung around in our pajamas and relaxed from the craziness of our lives and it was exactly what we needed. 

Marshall and I have every intention to start digging up our yard to make it pretty and to purge our basement of junk and remodel, but it is so hard to find the time when all we want to do is wrap up our boys in our arms and snuggle them.

Here are some fun facts: 

- After a lazy day on Monday, I took a break from posting and promised one on Tuesday. After a chaotic Tuesday, the last thing I wanted to do was talk about it. I don't remember the last time I did that, but it is okay to take a break sometimes.

- Ezra knows 'boys and girls' and will remind us that daddy is a boy and mommy is a girl.

-Eli is looking more and more like his big bro, Ezra every day. Man, these boys are adorable!

- We have mean busy with indoor games and activities with the boys. Ezra is great and keeping himself busy. This week he washed his legos, played play do, and built lot and lots of tunnels and bridges.

- Ezra hate the songs that play on Eli's play mat. He yells, "No! No! Turn it off " and will run quickly to turn it off. I suppose it does get annoying after a while. I am used to tuning noise out and barely notice it.

-Ezra will tell Marshall all about his day. But mostly he tells him about his timeouts for pushing or hitting and how he was in big trouble. He remembers being in trouble over all the wonderful things that we did during the day. Am I too hard on him?

-Ezra still naps with his pacifier. After a couple days of prepping him that he is too big for it, I hope that this weekend, with a little help from Marshall- we will be done with the nap time pacifier. I haven't wanted to push this because I know that this helps Ezra naps just a little bit longer and I need it, but he really doesn't need it anymore. Encouragement is needed for me, too.

-Eli is not ready to be UNswaddled. We tried. He hated it, and that's ok. But to both arms in, buddy!

-Kind of obsessed with jumpsuits right now. Had to buy one. Can't wait to wear it.

-Marshall is taking me out tonight. I have no idea where we are going and I am excited. In fact, I have been ready since this morning. I waxed my mustache, curled my hair and have been wearing lipstick all day.

I am hoping that maybe we can put our kids down for a good nap on Saturday and dig in the yard or in the  basement this weekend. 

Have a great weekend!