Monday, May 6, 2013

My (Mommy) Monday:

At 12:44 am I heard Ezra call for me.
He never wakes in the night. And he never calls for me.
I swiftly shuffled my tired feet to his room and used my hands in the dark to feel my way to him. I scooped him up in my arms and pulled him close, his warm body snuggled close and when his cheek touched me, in his little voice,he said "mamma, I wanna play"  I died. He loves life. He loves life SO much that he can't bare to sleep the rest of the night. I hugged him tighter and quietly explained to him that it was night time and at night time, everyone sleeps and when the sun comes out we can play. I promised him that in the morning and for the rest of the day that we would play.
The sun peeked through his curtains and reminded him that it was morning. I heard him yell for me promptly as the sun rose to the East. "Mamma! the sun is shining, I want to play!"

Yesterday, in church, the teacher said something that really struck a chord with me. She said "live everyday with a purpose" "Do something to make someones day a little brighter" And this is my goal from here on out.
I figured, why not start within the walls of my home. I had a day free of any obligations. I was committed to keeping my promise with Ezra anyways. I was going to play with him

After sharing a breakfast smoothie and peanut butter toast, and after taking our shower/baths and put Eli down for his morning nap, we headed out to our backyard.

I figured while he tried to catch squirrels, birds and bugs that I would try to blow off all the buds on our deck with our leaf blower. (Ezra calls it a BIG blow dryer) I organized the deck and rearranged our mess of outdoor toys and furniture. 

Ezra continued to run wild.
His shoes got wet and dirty from the dew that was left from the night before.

He gathered all our fallen branches and stacked them high. He used them to ward off the robins that flew freakishly low and he gathered box elder bugs that he would accidentally squish between his chubby little fingers.

Ezra joined me for a light snack before our date to the park.

These shoes just scream "I am a little boy" and I love it. I love when shoes scream such obvious things at me. 
(like crocs-- they scream all sorts of things at me.- ya know what I mean?)

After Eli was up from his nap and fed, I packed Eli and Ezra up and we walked over to the park. Ezra was panting he was so excited. He was sad to learn that there were no friends at the park. I was secretly happy (but also kinda bummed) that we had the park to ourselves. My motherly instincts go into overdrive when I am out with both boys by myself in public. While Ezra is running up and down and over and under and all around the park, I am cautiously watching him and watching Eli. I hear sounds and see things that I normally don't hear when Marshall is around. Mothers have this gift, I swear it.

 Ezra asked my to go down the slides with him. So I did. I also went through the tunnels and ran over the bridges and climbed the ladders. (All while keeping a close eye on Eli in his stroller) I wore tennis shoes and stretchy pants just in case I needed to fight someone off. (And I would fight to the death. I promise)

Ezra was SO sweaty, and his face was swollen and flushed. I knew we were there long enough judging by the look in his eyes. He was spent. We went home to have lunch and we all crashed. We all woke up after 3. My dishes from breakfast and lunch had lined the counters and filled the sink, the laundry pile starred at me in the face. The trail of toys had no end in sight and Ezra was awake again to start over. He woke up so sweet and so happy. And then, Eli woke- he is usually so sweet and so happy.
My plan was to head to target to pick up a few things that I forgot to get over the weekend. My friend, Sam, came along for the ride. It is always a treat to have a friend along to help with the boys.

When we made it home, we hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the evening breeze on our skin.
Marshall was working late again tonight. Ezra ate a good dinner and I was able to get him in his pjs and his super hero cape. Marshall happened to walk in as I was reading him a bedtime story. We sang our usual songs and said our night prayers and tucked Ezra into bed. We tucked Eli in next.

Both boys were down by 7:48pm.  That is right. Before 8pm.

I was able to clean the kitchen, put away all the laundry, start a couple loads, unpack my suitcase that was packed with all my hair stuff from the wedding I worked this weekend,organize everything I need for tomorrow morning and catch up on once upon a time with Marshall.

We have another fun and busy day planned for tomorrow. I am so excited for our play date tomorrow and cannot wait to see some girlfriends of mine!

Here is to another week- but with beautiful weather! Have a great week.