Monday, May 13, 2013

My Monday::

This weekend wore us all out. We are still recovering.

Eli is starting to teeth and has been waking up in the night. I have been incredibly spoiled by him sleeping the night and him waking up is killing me.

With that, I was up early along with the boys. Ezra was even able to wish Marshall a good day- which never usually happens.

I had a hair appointment for a friend this morning. She brought her kiddos along and we made it a mini play date.

My mom came quickly over to help out and also to hang out afterward. My little sister swung by for lunch.

After putting the boys down for a nap, I hesitated to ask my mom when she was planning on leaving. I always want her to stay but I could feel myself dragging. She insisted on doing my dishes and I laid on the couch while I heard her scrubbing away.... and that was the last I remember. I fell asleep on the couch, and I fell asleep hard. She tip toed out without saying goodbye and I woke up to a quiet house that was quickly disrupted by the boys simultaneously stirring in their sleep. I wished at that moment that my mom was still there. I didn't have the energy to run to them. Ezra was up first and I grabbed him close and made him lay with me on the couch so we could both slowly wake up. We called Marshall at work to see when he would be home so I could prepare Ezra for what was coming next.

We wanted to go to the park.  I was excited that Marshall would be home to come along this time.
Marshall was home by 5. We packed everyone up and headed out before dinner.

Ezra immediately ran to the highest slide on the park-- but refused to go down. He encourages all the other kids to go down, but is too scared to try it on his own. When he did go down with Marshall, the look of fear on his face was enough for me to believe that he was not comfortable going down it with or without his daddy.

Ezra was much more comfortable on the swings with his daddy than with me. My feet actually dangled there. I needed help swinging and I couldn't stop- I never felt safe and having Ezra on my lap was too much for the both of us. 

Marshall is made for these swings. I wish I fit on Marshall's lap like Ezra (Especially in this photo- doesn't he look so comfortable?)

We had to pry Ezra from the park for dinner- and we had to promise him that we could eat outside when we got home. We were happy to, it was too beautiful to be in on a night like tonight. Marshall and I took turns holding Eli while the other one ate and Ezra ran around the yard collecting bugs. I even saw him leaping up against the side of the house to catch a box elder and then letting it fly free. I don't quite understand how he catches live bugs without fear but won't go down the tunnel slide at the playground.

Just moments after this photo of Ezra with the stick he got a big time out.
I feel like you can tell in this photo that he was out for a little too long (his nostrils are flared-- this is the sign, I swear it)

He wacked me HARD with this stick. 
HARD, I tell you. I grabbed him and flung him over my shoulder while chucking this stick across the grass. I stormed through the house and put him in his corner for a time out. We were done for the night. 
Can I tell you how hard it is to keep your cool with a kid who just whipped you with a stick? I was calm as I could be in that moment. But he knew he was in trouble.

After many tears and "I'm sorrys" we got Ezra and Eli ready for bed. The sun was still shining and Marshall and I were able to fold laundry together (which I loved!) and were able to unwind from our Monday.

Have a great week.