Monday, May 20, 2013

My Monday:

A little after 1 am this morning, I had a stomachache. I rolled out of bed thinking I had to puke. Once I got to the toilet, I figured I should try to go, then I thought I had to puke, again-- but didn't. But before walking out of the bathroom, I came face to face with a huge, black, furry spider. I am pretty sure I grabbed it with my toilet paper clump but I was too scared to check before I quickly swiped it up off the floor and swung it toward the toilet and flushed it down. It took me a little while to fall back to sleep after that wild and random trip to the bathroom.

I didn't want to wake up this morning. Not to feed Eli, not to feed Ezra and definitely not to feed myself. I slept with my mouth open all night because I can't breathe through my nose. Over the weekend, we were all blessed with nasty colds. And today was not totally awesome because of them. (and the rainy weather)

My boys are fairly easy and pretty reasonable when they are healthy- throw any sickness in the mix and our day can easily fall apart. Well, Ezra easily falls a part, but this can also be the fact that he is a toddler. And when toddlers don't get their way, they usually tend to fall apart anyways, am I right, or am I right?

Anyways- I tried my darndest to keep Ezra and Eli from remembering they were sick and slightly miserable today. (this is my way of plowing through every sickness, keep busy and eventually it will just go away. This doesn't always work to my advantage) I pulled out one of our tents and Ezra pretended it was a train. Ezra let Eli drive the train, and Ezra ate cake (pretend cake) and played piano music.

Ezra has been really proud of himself these days for drinking out of a 'big boy' cup and not his regular sippy cup. We have grown sick of washing out those silly cups and straws all the time, a regular cup is so much easier (if he doesn't spill) and he has been doing great. We practiced using a regular cup a couple times today.

Ezra and I also played hide and seek while Eli napped. Ezra is so fun to play with because he just wants to seek and never hide.

During our game today, I heard him counting... 1...2....6....17 (just in that order) and he then says "Here I come!"

I hid behind our dining room curtain. I knew he would never find me, but I could hear him looking and calling for me. I was laughing hysterically and quietly as as I could. I was inhaling the dust that lined the backside of my velvet curtains. Ezra then whined.."Where are you, mama!" I could hear his stuffy nose breathing hard from the other side of the curtain and I peeked my head out. I surprised him and he immediately yelled BOO before I could,and he laughed hard and told me to hide again. I am pretty sure I showed him the best hiding spots in our house and I hope he remembers them for the next time we play. He is a terrible hider. You can normally find him just standing in the middle of his room with his light off. We try to pretend that we don't see him, but who are we kidding?

We had our regular lunch and regular naps, but I took my nap in my bed instead of my napping chaise. I heard Ezra wake up after only a half hour of going down. I ran to him and gave him a few sips of water and told him to go back to sleep. He woke up again a half hour later and I pulled him up and brought him into my bed with me and told him he could sleep on daddy's side. This was a bad idea. He snuggles me all wrong. by wrong, I mean- his knobby little elbows and knees in all my bony parts. And when he wasn't snuggling, he was trying to shut my mouth, put his fingers in my mouth, climb on me or over and everything else you can imagine. My nap wasn't as heavenly as it was supposed to be.

When Eli woke up, we met all together in our living room. Survival mode kicked in to gear. Marshall would be home soon and we were having leftovers for dinner and I just needed to make it a little bit longer with my cranky sick boys.

We made it.... Barely.

After dinner I gave Eli a nice warm bath and while Ezra helped me with the placement of Eli's rubber duckie, he fell into the tub and got his jammies all wet. This wasn't Ezra's first meltdown of the day, and I was happy Marshall was there to laugh with me and to help with Ezra.
We (almost) successfully  put the boys down by 8.

I am hoping that we all get a little better every day this week, along with the weather. I hope the sun shines bright again this week.

Happy Monday!