Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun Facts Friday: Family in town Edition

My sister and her little and wonderful family came into town this week. I took the week off from everything and was able to spend as much time as the the little ones would allow. It was a great week and I am sad it had to come to an end!

Here are a couple things we were able to do while they were here:
-We took a large family photo, on one of the nicest nights this week, we also stopped at Red Robin on the way home for milkshakes.

-We went to Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America. Ezra and I rode kiddie rides until we both were pale and sick. For real. I was feeling sick and had leftover points-- I couldn't bare to ride any more.

-We spent a rainy afternoon indoors. Folding laundry and being lame. Not such a fun day- but I think it was needed after the crazy day before.

-We went to Como zoo with grandma and grandpa. Afterwards, we met great-great grandma for lunch. Later on, I left the boys home and went bowling with my family and had pizza and cake with them. We celebrated my not-so little sisters birthday. She is 25. SO weird.

-Kyra made the cutest cake for Kelly.

And some random  fun facts.

-Eli turned 6 months this week. I know, it's crazy isn't it? I can't believe it.
-Ezra discovered our tape player. He loved it, and I realized he may never use one!
-I used to be able to ride rides a lot better than I can now. I feel like such an old lady on them now. I can barely watch people while they are on them. I get sick for them.
-Ezra is incredibly empathetic. We love how sweet he is to his friends if they are sad.
-I am a very inconsistent bowler.
-My eyes are much bigger than my stomach. Sometimes,I order way to much food or take too big a portion. I can never finish. But I am a very fast eater. I think it's because I worked in a salon. You learn to eat quickly between clients.
- I have fond memories of playing in the arcade at the bowling alley while my parents bowled in a league as a little girl. I even remember asking random people for quarters and they would give them to me!Now I am so embarrassed, I wish I could apologize to them!
- Marshall is super allergic to my parents house. They have a parrot and a fluffy dog. Marshall has a an allergy attack every time we go over there. (If he is faking it cause he doesn't want to be there, he is SO dead)
- Marshall and I have to remind each other how we can be "great"
-Ezra is pretty good about not talking to strangers. I hope this sticks.
-I was a really crazy first time mom. Have I mentioned that before? Because I was. I am embarrassed about it.
- I hate going to the post office. I avoid it at all costs.
-I love to drive.
-My sisters and I will always laugh at the same things. And almost always at each other.
-I think Marshall has the longest arms. I swear they got all stretched out from his swimming years.

-I love finding quarters in my wallet. I will always stop and get candy out of the quarter machines.
-How do crumbs get in Eli's car seat? We cleaned and scrubbed it before he was born and he eats NOTHING with crumbs. I don't get it.

We had an overwhelming week filled with tons of fun! Hope you did, too!!

Have a great weekend!