Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

This gloomy weather took a toll on my picture taking this week. I didn't pick up my camera after Monday and all of these photo were taken with my phone. Enjoy!

Here are some fun facts:

- When I was a little girl I used to take off my shirt and wear it on my head just like I do to Eli. I used to pretend I had long hair. (My hair never went longer than a bob growing up) 
And I love doing this to babies. 

-I caught myself with my fly down way too many times this week. I am embarrassed that people may have noticed and never told me. Thanks a lot people.

-I love when Ezra runs around, but I am always worried he will trip and totally eat the ground. I am a very worried mom. I worry ALL the time.

-My dear friend, JoAnne who lives in Utah now, came back to visit! We trade hair for photos and we whipped together a quick little "fathers day shoot" for Marshall. I love her work and I especially love getting to spend time with her this week!

-Whitney and I went to the mall this week and did a major shopping spree for the boys. Ezra has the cutest little duds. And Eli got a couple cute things,too. We also rode the carousel. Marshall is usually the one to ride with Ezra so I was really happy Ezra wanted to ride with me!

-Isn't this little door in the tree the cutest thing? Ezra and I thought so.

-The sun that is shining in this photo maybe lasted 5 minutes. This was the only sun we felt all week.

-I was able to go to the temple last night. This was the first time I have ever gone without  Marshall. I missed him. But I was so happy to be able to go with other women from church. Such a cool experience.

-Ezra tossed his pacifiers in the trash this week, all on his own. He told me that he was a big boy and said he didn't need them. Of course, I agreed! Although I am proud, this was a sad moment for Marshall and I. Our little boy is growing up.

-Whitney played 'hairstylist' on me this week. I was so grateful that she was willing to help me color my hair. This can be a real daunting task for me to undertake on my own. It turned out beautiful! ;)

- Both of the boys know that their daddy is the one to read them their night time stories, sing to them and tuck them in at night. I LOVE that Marshall takes on this sweet little responsibility each night. I know that these boys will never forget this for as long as they live. Such a sweet thing to remember their dad by.

Come to think of it-- This was a pretty great week. And with an even GREATER weekend! My sister, Kyra and her little family are coming in tomorrow for a week! I am beyond excited!

Have a great weekend, too!