Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

I barely slept a wink last night. With the thundering and the lightening shaking the walls of our house and rattling our windows, Ezra and Eli took turns waking up. I feel like a zombie today.
This weather is killing me. I just can't seem to be comfortable. I don't like the humidity, not even a little bit. I can almost feel it in our carpet. I swear our carpet feels permanently damp in the summer, Marshall thinks I am crazy. But I swear that it is.  We were able to sit outside on Monday evening with the boys. It was hot, but it was manageable. I stripped Eli of his clothes and we blew bubbles with Ezra. These are the sweet and easy moments that I love and cherish as a mother.

Here are some Fun Facts:

- Lets start this off right. EZRA IS GOING POTTY IN HIS POTTY CHAIR! ((dance moves start now))
I made him a little potty sticker chart and he gets a sticker every time he goes pee,poop.washes his hands and pulls his pants down. He has almost entirely filled his peeing spots and washing hands. He is trying really hard on the other two. I am SO proud of him! He started this all on his own! (I mean, we helped encourage a little, but he seemed to be interested!)

-Ezra also has a new fascination with money. He has a couple coins that you will find in his shirt pockets or shorts pockets and will pull them out and tell you about them. We taught him who was on the coins and he will tell you about them. (When he first asked to use the potty, I didn't think he was serious.. but then he started pulling his change our of his pockets and putting it on the counter and started shimmying out of his shorts, I knew he was serious.)

-I had to go through all of Eli's clothes and box them up AGAIN. This is never an easy task. I dread it... always and now we have piles of boxes of clothes stored in our basement.
-Eli is officially eating baby food. I am talking breakfast (rice cereal) lunch (veggies) and dinner (veggies) with mini nursing sessions in between. I am so sad. I would nurse him forever if I could. But I suppose this is the best for both of us. We both need to grow up and let go, don't we? He is almost 15 pounds. Still little, and needs to gain a little more weight but otherwise checked out flawlessly. When he received his vaccinations, Ezra held his hand and when Eli started to cry, Ezra in his softest voice told Eli, "I gotchyou" The nurse and I DIED! Ezra is so unbelievably sweet when he wants to be.

- I have no itch to go on a vacation of any kind. It's not even on my radar. I just want to fix up our house!

-Since I took last week off from doing hair, I have been almost overwhelmingly busy. I am starting to learn have to say no to last minute appointments that I can't handle. It is so hard when you own a business out of your home. But I need to be fair to my family and my already booked schedule.

-When Ezra and I went to the park yesterday, there were two older kids there (I would say ages 7-10?) and  one of them said, "What are you looking at?" to Ezra, who, of course thought they were his "Friends" because they were at the park to "play" What PUNKS! I wanted to knock him out, but instead, I gave him my meanest mom stare down. Don't mess with my kid. I will mess you up. Marshall had to remind me that I am a mom and that I have authority when it comes to punky kids at the playground. Next time that happens, I am going to ask them where their mother is! OR. I will make them take me to her. (Might I add that these kids were pretending to smoke sticks. STICKS! And they were vandalizing our sweet little park. I was appalled!)

Anyways, I am looking forward to the weekend. I know this is totally lame, but I just want to clean my house. I want to vacuum my carpet, clean the bedroom floors, wash all the bedding and clean all of our windows. I want a squeaky clean home by Monday.

Have a great weekend!