Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

This was a really overwhelming week for me. I will blame it on potty training, because it just wasn't fun. But we are making progress, people! 
I always hear stories of moms who have sat on the floor with their kids and cried with them when they have had a hard day and as tempted as I was to do that a couple times this week, I just couldn't do it. I didn't have time to. And to be honest, I haven't cried over being stressed ever. I just get panicky and plow through it. I am a pretty tough person when it comes to stressful situations. I have a lot of faith that things will always work out.

Here are some fun facts from our week.

- Ezra is so cool. He has no shame driving his bike around with his new Thomas the train undies on the backside. He is so proud.

-I love meeting new moms at the park. It's great to have a little community of friends who live near by with children the age of your own. It is so important!

-Ezra has been helping Eli roll over this week. He has also taught Eli to razz. I am sure these aren't the first things that he will teach him in his life. I am so looking forward to their friendship.

-Eli gave me a scare. On Wednesday morning, I noticed his left eye looked a bit puffy. Thought a sec of it, and brushed it off as he probably rubbed it. Well, after his green bean lunch, his eye was completely swollen shut! He also had a fever. I immediately thought he was having an allergic reaction and told Ezra that I was scared and sad and that we needed to say a prayer for Eli. Ezra immediately dropped to his knees. I did as he did, and we had a sweet little moment together and I knew that Eli would be okay. I called the clinic, brought him in. I had given him childrens advil and after his nap he seemed a lot better. His eye wasn't so bad. This photo was taken yesterday (the day after) and today he looks good as new! Might I add, in the midst of my panic and run around with Eli, Ezra peed his pants.... this was one of those days....

-I am absolutely loving my new calling in the church. I love all the ladies I get to know and serve with.

-I am really looking forward to next week- July 4th and all. We have big plans to get some yard work done around here and it is going to happen

-Ezra prefers to be talked to while he uses the potty. I, on the other hand think it is SO awkward when people talk to each other in public restrooms. You know, through the stalls.

-Ezra has found a new love for bananas this week.

-I am pretty sure Ezra hacked into my blog this week and completely changed my template. I lost my nap trying to fix it. It took forever.

-After talking to Ezra abou going #2 all week long. Ezra finally was able to get that cupcake he was promised. Even if it was before dinner time. I was so proud!


-I am attending a homeschooling symposium tomorrow with a friend and I am really looking forward to hearing what the speakers have to share with  me. I hope to walk away with a fresh perspective on the route I would like to take with my children's education.

-Ezra and Marshall mowed the yard yesterday. It freaks me out when Ezra is the front yard. We are right on a busy road. I get worried that he will run into the street, but last night he stuck close to Marshall and helped him in the yard.

We have dinner dates this weekend, and because of my love for food. I am really excited about them.

Hope you have a great weekend.