Monday, June 3, 2013

My Monday::

I woke up this morning unusually refreshed. This doesn't happen often and especially not on a Monday morning. I scooped Eli up, fed him- he fell back asleep. I slid him back into his crib and crept to the shower before Ezra would call for me. Success. Both boys were still quietly in there beds when I was finished with my shower. My mind was spinning with all things I could maybe accomplish in the few moments before the boys would wake up. But before I could even take a step out of the bathroom and into the hall, Ezra called for me. My list of things to do disappeared. I grabbed Ezra and told him all about our day.
It wasn't much of an exciting day, but it was what we were doing anyways.
 I was doing my (distant) cousin's hair and she was bringing her niece and mom (my 2nd aunt and her granddaugter) to play with Ezra for the morning/afternoon. Ezra was looking forward to it.

Ezra was also excited about breakfast, as he should have been. He barely ate last night at the Abrahamsons. He was too busy playing with his cousins. I made him a bagel, a bowl of vanilla yogurt with blueberries and granola and a bowl of dry cereal. He ate it ALL.  During Breakfast, Eli woke up. I ran to get him, Ezra said in his sweetest morning voice, " Mornin' Eli"- "How ya doin"?" Eli didn't respond (or course). He was still waking up. I sat him in his bumbo so he could watch us have breakfast.

I can't seem to get my head out of my scriptures these days. I know that the only reason I have been able to keep everything together on a daily basis is because I read them. I am so grateful for the guidance and calm it brings to my wild life. I read another chapter out loud to Ezra  as I ate my bagel.

When Ezra was all finished, I had to peel him from his chair and literally throw him in the tub to give him a bath. He demanded to play toys, first- then bath. But there was not time to dilly dally. He wasn't fond of my bath time idea.

After the boys were all ready for the day, I needed to finish getting ready. All I wanted to do was dry my hair and put on my makeup and Ezra was setting up camp outside the bathroom. It was the cutest, but such a big mess.

We played outside for a little while. I gave Ezra a cup to put all his bugs in, but the bugs kept crawling or flying out and he knew if he held them tight in his grip, they wouldn't get away.

Our guests came, played and went. We are all exhausted from their visit. We all managed to take our naps at the same time. I love when this happens.

As soon as we woke up- I knew I had to pull something together for dinner. I made turkey asian meatballs, rice and green beans.

Marshall was home before I knew it,  and dinner was delicious  We had a sweet little family home evening on reverence. Ezra practiced folding his arms, bowing his head and closing his eyes. He is really good at this, now and he knows it.

Afterwards, we made S'mores in the microwave (they are so much better over a fire). Ezra LOVED them, but hated how sticky they made him.

I looked at the calendar and realized that tonight would be the only night that one of us would be able to mow the lawn. Since Marshall came home and immediately put on his pajama pants, I knew it would be my job.

I was happy to do it. I needed some fresh air anyways. All three of my boys watched me from the windows. Their eyes literally followed me back and forth and I am sure everyone on the block watched them as they watched me work in the yard. But I was proud. I was proud to be working in my yard, and proud that my boys were watching me.

By the time I came back inside, it was past Ezra's bedtime and he still had chocolate and marshmallow stuck to his face. Ezra couldn't stop talking about the mower and Marshall told me I was a hero to Ezra because I got to use the mower. (So cute. I was proud of this, too)

We rushed Ezra to his room and he wanted me to read to him tonight (I was the hero, today) He reverently participated in our family prayer and put him down.

Eli gets his bath once Ezra is down. I love having time to sit with Eli next to the tub. Eli knows this is our time. Our time to relax and be together. I splished and splashed him with the warm water and scrubbed his little body. I wrapped him up warm and cozy, fed him and put him down for the night.

I can hear Ezra coughing hard in his crib and I am dying inside. Eli is starting to finally sound and seem better from his long bout of a cold and congestion and Ezra sounds like he is getting something else! What is happening? I can't handle all of this sickness!

I am kind of wishing this week would hurry up and be over. My sister and her family get into town this Saturday and I am dying to see them!!

Happy Monday- Happy June!